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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Maddie's new adventures in bike riding

Hi everyone and happy Thursday. If you are coming here for the Unity/MLS blog hop...scroll down to the previous post.
So a couple of days ago, I posted our Labor Day bike ride and talked about how our little ms. Maddie had a hard time on some of the rough paths because her bike still had it's training wheels attached to it. Well we decided that we would teach her to ride without them so she can manage on our next family outing.
Saturday, after dinner, we decided to pack up our bikes and head over to the nearby park and have Maddie try her bike riding skills there. Unfortunately our street is not a flat one so we have to drive somewhere else to have her practice.
We have kept Marcus' small bike and we started her there first so she can build confidence and be able to stop herself with her feet. It didn't take her long before she was riding it all by herself. Actually it only took a couple of wobbly starts and she was getting a hang of it. Clearly she was beyond ready to transition, we just didn't give her the chance.
Here's some photos of our proud bike rider....

After doing so well with the little bike, Mitch took off the training wheels of her bike and we had her ride that...
Again, it proved to be easy peasy for her...

Because this was a great moment for her, I decided capture some of it in video. Bear in mind that I had a prime lens (no capability of zooming itself) and I'm still not very well acquainted with the video capability of my camera so this might not be the best quality...

So she was doing really well and we thought that we can ride the trail around the park as a family. As we were riding towards the start of the trail, Maddie started going towards a chained part of the park and we must have forgotten to practice stopping with her because she rode right through the chain and hit her chin on the metal sign. Clearly she didn't know how to react and that's why she didn't even attempt to break or stop. Poor child, after running through the chains, she got up and down played the accident. After a few seconds you can see her face change and tears started falling.

We skipped the family ride around the park and instead, practiced "stopping and breaking" with Maddie.

This is her face the day after. As you can see she has a big booboo under her chin to prove it.

Poor girl but what I love about her and this story is that, this didn't overpower her happiness about finally learning how to ride her bike. She got in the car after the bike ride and was beaming with joy and pride. That's my girl!!!

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Allison said...

Great pics! And, yes, I forgot to teach Sammy how to stop too! OUCH! But it is so fun to see them so proud! :)

Grace Tolman said...

thanks Allison. It's funny how little things like stopping and using the breaks elude our mommy minds during this time. Hope you have a great weekend.