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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Labor day bike ride

It was over a week ago when the family and I decided to go on a bike ride as our way of enjoying the Labor Day holiday. Back when we were in California, thinking of an activity to do during Labor Day was a no-brainer as we always go to my inlaws house for a BBQ and our last day to enjoy the pool. Now that we're miles from family, we've slowly gotten used to enjoying the holidays like this, exploring our new "hometown" and being together.
Riding our bikes have become a fun activity for us all, although sometimes ms. Maddie will complain of tiredness or that she has troubles with her bike. It's hard for her to go through some of the rougher paths with her training wheels still on. We knew it was time to get her learning to ride the bike minus the training wheels and in a post later this week, you'll see how we made that shift and how she did.
Ok so going back to the ride...it was a great one, the weather was perfect, although the trail were busy at times, we manage to find ourselves alone on the road to enjoy the scenery for most of the ride. Here are some photos of our Labor Day Bike ride...
Here's my bike. It's nothing fancy but I get around with it. I can't remember how we go it, but I believe it's a hand-me down treasure.

here's the family taking a rest under the shade while this "mama-with-a-camera" capture some moments for us.

As you can see with the beautiful skies and clouds, it was a great day to be outdoors and I am not kidding when I say that our skies are these gorgeous here in Colorado. No photoshop required. :)

The trail goes on and on but we didn't ride too far because Maddie couldn't keep up with us. So we rode a bit and then decided to stop by the river and have the kids play in the water and mud.

After about an hour of riding and exploring, we went back to our car, got our packed lunch and had a picnic under the shade. While eating, the kids decided to befriend a squirrel which you can easily tell have been accustomed to being fed by humans. He/She kept on coming up to us and the kids were delighted to throw him a piece of their sandwiches. Afte a while we stopped them from feeding their new friend because a. they were starting to chase the poor critter just to give him/her the food and b. they were getting caught up with feeding the squirrel instead of eating themselves. Funny kids!
So there you have it....our little adventure on Labor Day 2012. How did you celebrate yours?
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