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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

September TAKE TWELVE photos

Hello friends. We are on the last leg of our Ella Publishing's Take Twelve challenge this year and I have to say that it has become a great collection of photos for me. Don't get me wrong, trying to remember to pull out the camera on the 12th of the month, especially this month as it is starting to get crazy with me being with school and fall activities but once I take the time to capture 12 things representing my day, I feel very accomplished. This just shows you that it doesn't take a lot of effort to capture a bit of what our lives look like right now. So with that being said....here's what my Sept 12th look likes...
1. Preparing for my Sunday school lesson for Sunday today. Lots of reading but also taking time to make a cute handout. After all, that's a good excuse to use up my scrapbook supplies.
2. Since it's fall season, I'm breaking out photos that matches the season.
3. We are having Piano lessons for the kids today since our Tuesday (the day before) was crazy busy.
4. Thawing some hamburger meat for our Taco dinner tonight.
5. Marcus taking a little break in between our activities and homework by playing on the WII.
6. A quick self portrait. I got dressed today (other than my normal jammies and sweats) because I helped out at the kids' school this morning.
7. Our temperature today. Starting to get cold around here.
8. It was raining all day today. We need the water!
9. Fall is upon us and Autumn decorations are starting to pop out around my home.
10. Maddie playing around with my yarn scraps.
11. Got some prints in the mail today for my photography clients. Love the results, as always.
12. Checking off some of my school homework. It's a great feeling to know that I've beaten the deadline.

Are you participating in the Take Twelve challenge? Would you like more info? Check it out here.

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