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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mitch's birthday

Whether we like it or not, we all have birthdays to celebrate this year. My hubby wasn't really much into celebrating this year so we made it a quiet one for him. His special day fell on a Monday and we started the celebration the day before by inviting the missionaries to our home for dinner. I made his favorite- beef Enchiladas (his mom's recipe) along with some Spanish rice, Refried Beans and Green Salad. We finished the meal with another one of his favorite....German Chocolate Cake.
He was feeling younger when he saw that there was only 24 candles on the cake. To his luck, I didn't have 44 candles on hand. Ha! We sang a quick birthday song and he got to blow out his candles...

There wasn't much celebrating going on because he had school and he also had to go to his annual physical check up but we did manage to have lunch at Subway in between his busy schedule. He even got some special well wishes on Facebook.

Another birthday passed and we have one more to go this year (Maddie's next month) and we can officially rest from birthdays in the family till next July.

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