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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Thank you card + Leprechaun trap

Happy Hump day everyone. How often do you say Thank You? I hope you're not like me that the answer is- not enough. Well over at Ella Publishing, we started a 3 day event that ends on Thursday which they are dubbing to be Thank You Thursday. Here's a peek of the card I have contributed for today's blog post. This event's premis really made me think on how many times I show my gratitude to the people around me. Make sure you check out the full view of this card along with more "thank you" card inspirations here.

Speaking of gratitude, I'm grateful for having an ample "craft" stash that when my children comes home and gives me a paper from school that states that they are invited to make a leprechaun trap, that I have enough supplies at home to help my kids build their projects without having to run to the store.

Such was the case last week. Granted Maddie and I (well mostly me) procrastinated till the day before the project was due but it's still a blessing to not have to rush to the store everytime the kids are in need of a craft supply.

Last Thursday, after school, Maddie and I made a trap with the idea I had pinned and supply we already have on hand. Here's Ms. Maddie showing off our project....

She helped me every step of the way. She even had the idea of sprinkling the top of our hat trap with jewels.

I had some glittered cardstock in my stash and we used that to make some walking step/blocks.

I have to say that my favorite part of it was our ladder. I had to bust out the saw to cut out the small branches that Maddie and I collected in our backyard.

All the kids left their traps at school sine St. Patrick's day was a Saturday and today they got to take it home. The steps leading up to the stairs had green tiny footstep marks and the trap had gold chocolates in it. Those darn leprechauns can never be trapped but Maddie was delighted with the gold chocolates they left that she doesn't mind at all if they're trapped or not. :)

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