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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

3rd Grace Science Project

First off, Thank you for all the kind words left here and in my facebook page about our challenge right now. I feel blessed to have so many friends and family that understand our plight and are willing to share their insights with me. Thank you.

Today I want to recap our 3rd Grace Science Project process. This is our first year to be dealing with this and at first Marcus had some grand ideas. He wanted to build a ROBOT! Now I didn't want to discourage him BUT knowing him I knew that I would play a very big part in the project and I just didn't have the brain power to make a robot with him. So after talking with the Science teacher, she gave Marcus a super easy question to answer. The question was...what part of the body has the strongest sense of touch.

It took us about a month doing research and then in January we did the experiment...

the first one was getting two same length pencil and gently poke certains parts of the body to see if the person being poked can feel one or two points. Feeling two points usually indicated that that part is more sensitive.

Next we did a feeling test. Here the kids placed their fingers in a bucket of ice for 30 seconds then tried to touch the rice on the plate. The ice numbs the fingers therefore affects it's sensitivity to objects.

 After the experiment, I typed up Marcus words and findings then we put them together in a presentation board.

 Here's Marcus showing off the finished board, the night before we turned it in.

and last Tuesday, then had a Science fair where he got a "participant" ribbon and a metal paw (their school's mascot is a wolf hence the paw). It was neat seeing what everyone did for their project and it definitely gave us some ideas on what we can do next year. And no we are not going for the volcano!

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