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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Evidence of a life with children

Ok so last week while cleaning up the family room for the nth time, I find myself smiling instead of getting upset. I saw toys on the floor, beds unmade and little lined up Snoopy toys on my fire place mantle. Then I started thinking....how blessed I am to have children in my life. They are a source of joy and unlimited learning experiences.

So that made me think of documenting the many little things in my home that shows a true evidence of children living here. I grabbed my camera and started snapping away. I wanted this little experiment/documentation to be as real as possible so I didn't make any beds and cleaned up. So sorry for photos showing our "messy" side BUT that's our reality right now....with children....

Finally framed the kid's ribbons from their school's field day. We have yet to find a spot on the wall to hang them up
My son taped all of these posters on his room's wall. I wanted to scream when I saw this up without my permission but then stopped myself because IT IS his room and I wanted him to feel that there's a spot in the house that's totally his.
My dear loving daughter NEVER makes her bed without us telling her to do so. Makes me cringe! Today's a school day therefore this bed won't be made till after she comes home from school.

My kids have an obsession with anything stuffed and is an animal. These little doggies is sitting pretty in my daughter's night stand.
Books, books and more books. This basket in the front room is always filled with books borrowed from the library. Thank goodness for libraries where we can appreciate books without burning our wallets.
You won't see our family use our "finest china" on a regular basis. Over here, you can usually see cups like these on the counter.

My mantle had been overrun by little snoopy figures. It's funny how all in a row. I wonder who decided to display these on my mantle today?
After a quick 5 minute clean up of the family room, I've gathered these things that needs to be put back in their rooms. It's interesting how many odd things I gather up in five minutes.

and finally our family room couch that never ever stays clean. Today it is littered with kids' blankets and more stuff animals. Sheesh!!!

So today instead of getting upset that I have to endlessly remind my kids that their stuff belongs in their rooms and not in every other corner of the house, I'm feeling grateful. Grateful that I have a home where my family can live comfortably; Grateful that I have kids that brings the spice in my life; and Grateful that I have the thought (even if just for a few seconds) to stop and appreciate this stage of my life. Even if that means I'm surrounded by chaos and piles of kid's stuff!

When you look around your home today, what do you see? Document those evidence of a good life. :)

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