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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Church Quiet Books

Do you have kids like mine were at 8 and 6 yrs. old still can't sit still through 1 hour of sacrament (church) meeting? I hope I'm not alone. I've always brought coloring books and crayons for them but last year my husband thought they were getting too old for those so I changed to church magazines like the "Friend". But that doesn't seem to hold their attention any and so about a month ago I started working on a new project....

These are my kid's church bags with their new quiet books

the main things I wanted this project to have is ease for the kids to use, something that we can change overtime to meet their age need and that it won't be too expensive or hard to make for me. Because after all, my sanity is important too, right?!

Anyways, I started off with two small binders (size about 8 x 6") found at the thrift store. I decided to not alter or decorate the covers because if the kids decide that they don't want to use these anymore, I can still create something for myself with the binders.

I measured the inside of the binder and sewn a pocket page from felt for each book. On one side they can store their markers and pencils and on the other side housed a pack of index cards, kept together with a binder ring and a piece of felt fabric which they can use to erase their markings.

The first thing I did for this project, before putting together the binders was to go to the LDS. org website and downloaded some clip arts and activity sheets. I printed them landscape orientation in word so I can do two cliparts/pictures per sheet of paper. I tried to personalize the pages by picking artwork that had boys in it for Marcus' and girl ones for Maddie.

I only have about seven sheets for each book but with the felt pocket with markers and index cards, the book looked pretty full and bulky.

as for the sheets, after cutting them to size and putting two sheets (back side together) together, I added contact paper around them so it'll "laminate" the sheets. I did it this way so that the papers can be used over and over again. After the kids are done coloring it with markers, they can use the scrap fabric sheet to erase the markings and start over again.

I made the bag to keep everything together. I just measured the size of the binder book, cut it out twice on fabric and then sewn the bag plus some handles. We've brought it to church twice already and they have worked like a miracle. The kids are quiet and I can listen to the talks without any disturbance.

So there you have it.I hope this little showcase inspired or helped you come up with an activity book that will keep your little ones occupied when you need them to.

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