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Friday, March 30, 2012

Fabric Projects

so I've been enjoying sewing lately. It's like playing with paper only I need to be more accurate with my measurements. Below are two of my latest fabric projects.....

Remember when I shared my latest camera stap here? Well I told you that I wanted it to be longer to go from one end of the stap to the other. Well last week I got some neat fabrics from the clearance bin of the fabric department of Walmart and made this.
I'm obsessed with ruffles as well so I added that here. Looking for tutorial for this? Check out this girls' blog. I didn't follow her tutorial exactly because I didn't need a pocket but she has some great foundational instructions that could be adapted with whatever strap needs you might have. :)

and then I have so slacked at my goal of having a different wreath for every month  for my front door. But since we were changing seasons, I decided that it's time to change out the wreath. You can see my winter wreath here.
this one was inspired by this ribbon wreath I have pinned. I used fabric instead of ribbon. I think it's cheaper and I've had this "bunny" design for a while.

I added paper blocks for my welcome sign. This project was super easy, it only took me an hour to make. The bulk of it was tying the fabric on the wreath. I used a floral wire wreath therefore it's thinner. I'm sure you can easily translate this project onto foam wreath, you'll only need to change the length of your fabrics making it longer since the foam wreaths are thicker.

So there you have it. If you have some fabrics you've been hoarding, make something with them this weekend. Check out my pinterest board for more sewing/fabric project ideas.

Have a great weekend.

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