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Thursday, January 5, 2012

some links plus food pics

I mentioned in my cali trip post that I had all the intentions of visiting my fave food places there. Yes I consider myself a foodie. I not only LOVE to eat it but I'm also very interested in why certain types of food work well together and how it's made. I enjoy cooking them and most importantly devouring them. *wink* And because of that I've noticed that there are certain kinds of food that I can only "acquire" in California. Hence the seperate post for it.

But before I share my "food" trips with you, make sure you check out the brand spankin' new website of the Paper Bakery kit. It went live today and I'm super excited to share with you the fantastic design that Sarah put on it. Check it out here. Make sure you take the time to browse through all of the tabs and I bet, it'll be a place that you'll want to add to your bookmarked links. :)

Another link I want to share with you today is my Glue Arts project which went up yesterday. Glue Arts teamed up with Simple Stories and the design team were able to create with the "year-o-graphy" line. This line was fun. I love the layered design of the papers and the many possibilities of using it in our paper crafting projects.

For me, I decided to use it to document a fun little visit my kids and I took to Downtown Disney over a year ago. Becuase the line was filled with "documenting" words, design and themes it wasn't hard to complete my mini. Check out the post here to see more photos and information about my project.


ok so onto the food trip share....
First one that I got to visit was a local Taco place called Albert's Mexican Food. We have one in Norwalk (the city we used to live in) and Mitch and I ordered our favorite wet burrito. It's called that because they pour green sauce on it. You can pick which meat you want in it. Usually we pick carne asada but this time I felt to order it with some Al Pastor meat. It's HUGE, filled with lots of calories and oohhh sooo yummy! I also ordered some Horchata to drink which made the meal complete!

Then my mom treated us to a Korean feast. I say feast because it was a huge amount of meat and sides and my family left there gaining at least three pounds. I love Korean food especially Kimchi. It's my fave and sad to say that the Korean places here in Colorado just doesn't match up with the ones in Cali. The only bummer thing about this trip is that we were blind sighted by the cost. The waiter we had was korean and he didn't say much words, just nods and smiles, so we ended up ordering way too much meat and for a hefty price.

Of course we sampled some great Filipino food. There's no better place to have filipino food that at my mom's house. My parents cook it the best (in my opinion) and having lechon, adobo or sinigang brings back so many great childhood memories for me.

And of course, we can't go to California without stopping by In n Out. We love our animal style fries and burger. If you wish to order a burger or fries "animal style" it's not in the menu but if you mention it to your order taker, they'll know what to do.

You're probably thinking that I've eaten out way too much on this trip and it might be so but on the five days we were there, we only ate out once a day. But who's counting anyways! Definitely not me. LOL. Next stop we took was to our favorite Chinese fast food place. I love how this place fills up the plate for not a lot of money. The deals are still the same and my favorite orange chicken still tasted the same delicious way like I remember it to be.

and finally, I had my fill of Lee's Sandwiches. The one thing I love about this place is it's a combination of Vietnamese and French flavors. French bec. it used a bagette and Vietnamese because the way the meat was cooked and the veggies that went with it is in that type of food genre. I also ordered an avocado smoothie which at first my kids thought disgusting but after having a taste of mine changed their minds. I didn't get to take a photo of it before eating it because I was on the move while doing so but here's the leftover of my great sandwich experience...

so now that I've consumed all that calories, it's now time to try to burn it all. Now why can't burning the food be so as enjoyable as eating all these yummy things?

till next time,

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Allison said...

I still haven't eaten at Albert Tacos but the kid at school love it! I guess we'll have to try it! And I've been putting avocado in our fruit smoothies and it is a great addition! Creamy!!!!