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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Chore Chart + Tutorial

I've had a few projects that I've been meaning to share with you and this week is the week where my brain in finally functioning and I can get that task done. :)

First off is my children's new chore charts. Now they're not fancy but with the help of Pinterest, I was able to think of a cute project that the kids not only make themselves but also will motivate them to do the chores listed on their boards. Here's the finished projects...

When I make projects, the functionality of the item is always the first thing to consider. I've done a chore charts before for the kids where it was a weekly type chart. It worked for us but this time, I'd like some flexibility in it so I opted with the two colums of to-do and done on there.

I found this really cute printables through pinterest and decided that I would go with these instead of trying to make my own. It had all of the usual chores like setting table, cleaning room and taking trash out. They even have boy and girl ones for making bed or brushing teeth. I didn't need to print more than one sheet bec. it had everything I needed there.

The chore charts that I've seen in Pinterest that were similar used magnets but I opted for Velcro bec. (a) I have it on hand already; (b) I don't have to invest in magnetized board. Again I was going for cheap and using what I have on hand.

Ok so for the tutorial....

Here's what you'll need....
clipboards (bought mine at the dollar store)
Pattern papers *you can make your child pick this or pick her/his fave colors to use
Letter stickers *you can make your child pick this or pick her/his fave colors to use
corner rounder punch
sanding block
Velcro (I used one with sticky backs)
Printable chore chart clip art
Contact Paper (can be found at the shelving or kitchen aisle of your local Walmart or Target)

Instructions: (sorry some don't have photos)
1. First off, measure your clip board and cut paper to this measurement. I measured around the clip part and made a template from scrap paper which I used to mark the back of my paper. I then cut this space out of my paper. Round all four corners with the punch.

2. Have your child (or you) adhere your paper on the front of the board. I didn't bother covering the back because it's going on the wall anyways. But you can cover the back too if you so desire.

3. With sanding block or paper, Distress the edges of the board. This will give your clipboard a finished look. A sanding block works well with kids, it's big enough in their hands that they won't hurt themselves.

4. Cut another piece of paper that is about the size of a printer paper (8 1/2 x 11"). I decided to do this so incase we no longer want our boards to be chore charts, we can just slip off the chart paper and use the board for something else. Next, make lines where your child's name will go and the division between your columns. Highlight these lines with pen or marker.

5. Have child (or you) place their name on the top line and then the "to-do" on the left column and "done" on the right side. Cover the whole piece of paper (front and back)  with contact paper and trim leaving about 1/4" all around with contact paper to seal the paper inside. If you've never worked with contact paper before, this is a cheaper version of laminating your paper. It gives it that water/mess proof finish.

6. Cut the blocks of chore clip art and then adhere them to cardstock. Trim cardstock leaving a small space matting the chore chart blocks all around. Wrap these blocks with contact paper and trim, leaving a little piece of contact paper all around the blocks to seal the papers.

7. Add pieces of the Velcro (we used the smooth side) on the back of each chore chart block. Add 8 of the other side (rough side) of the Velcro under each column.

8. Slip your paper on the clipboard and start filling up your chore charts with items that you or your child want to accomplish that day!

For the extra chore blocks that we are not needing that day, we just store them in a small ziploc bag.
This chart doesn't have a reward block (something that our old one had) but I'm noticing that my kids, especially my son, felt that he "deserved" a reward everytime he did some work. I didn't like that mentality because I want him to learn that he does chores JUST BECAUSE HE'S PART OF OUR FAMILY. No special rewards for doing his part at home. But if you think (especially if you have younger ones) that rewards will be a better motivation for your kiddos, then try to intergrate that with your chart. :)

So that's it. I hope that this inspired you to make something crafty with your kids today.

till next time,

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