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Friday, January 20, 2012

January Wreath + Tutorial

Happy Friday everyone. Feeling glad for the warmer weather!

One of my projects for this year is to make a wreath for my front door for every month of the year. A tall task so I'm crossing my fingers I'd be able to get this accomplished. For January, I decided to make a "winter themed" wreath. Here's what I made...

thank you to Pinterest, I was able to gather so many different ideas that I incorporated in my wreath. To follow me on Pinterest, you can always click on the red Pinterest banner on my side bar. :)

 I used blue yarn to wrap around my foam circle and white felt for my flowers. I also used some twigs to give it that natural look.

Here's the tutorial....

What you'll need...
Foam circle or plumbing/pipe insulation. Found this trick here via Pinterest. It's cheaper than foam circles at the craft store. *wink*
Yarn (one big skein will do)
Felt, about 1/4 yard
Glue Gun

These insulation tubes can be found at the Plumbing aisle of your hardware stores.

First, peel of the sticky tabs to close off your tube.

 2. Measure it into the circle you want it. I made mine bigger because my hubby doesn't like how my past wreaths have covered the peephole in our door. I secured the ends of the circle with some duct tape.

3. Wrap the yarn around the wreath. This part is a bit time consuming,especially if you have a big wreath to wrap. I did mine while overseeing my son do homework and while watching TV. Secure your ends with glue gun or tying the ends together into a knot.

 4. Then cut 1" strips (about 36" in length) from the white felt.  You can cut as many as you want, I made 10 but only used 9 on my wreath.

5. Then I folded the feld in half and started to roll it into a bun.

6. Then I adhered the ends with some glue gun.

7. Then my daughter and I went to the backyard and gathered some twigs.

8. Next, I assembled the wreath. I placed the twigs first, gluing it to the wreath and then adhering the felt flowers.

And here's where our wreath is displayed right now...

thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend.

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