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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Top Ten Highlights of our family's visit

So this past two weeks have been a crazy one for us. We had our family visit us for Marcus baptism and we didn't waste anytime showing them around our new "home". I took lots of photos and I mean LOTS and I'm giving you a condensed version of our time with them. Here are the highlights......

1. Our son Marcus got baptized. We've waited and prepared for this day for a long time and we're so happy and proud of him that he decided to be an official member of Christ's church. The program was filled with great words and music from family and we capped off the event with a brunch at our home.

2. I love this photo that Mitch took for me. It shows three generations of women/girls making Lumpia (filipino egg rolls) Yes even little Ms Maddie was helping.

3. We took my family to the Pueblo Reservoir and Mitch gave the family rides on his canoe. The kids really enjoyed it.

4. I was able to bond with my niece and nephews. On their last day I took the five kids (all by myself) to the park. I was a bit worried being that I'm not use to having more than two but these kids were amazing. Loving their pose here too!

5. The kids got to spend some time with Grandma Tolman. It was so cute when she came with some skittles for the kids. She is known in the family as the skittle lady. Everytime the grandkids come to her house, there's always a good supply of skittles for them. It's funny how the kids' didn't forget about that because that's one of the first things they mentioned to her as soon as she arrived.

6. I wasn't the only one that bonded well with our family. The kids, both Marcus and Maddie, enjoyed their cousins immensely in this trip. These kids would be up earlier than 7 am and won't stop playing until we make them go to bed. They never ran out of things to do and our trampoline was always bouncing away with kids.

7. We ate out a LOT! Took the family to our fave Rudy's BBQ restaurant and some local buffet places. We cooked a lot at home too. The kitchen was bussling with movement all the time.

8. We've been here for over 6 months now but when my inlaws came to town, that was the only time we got to finally go up Pike's peak. It was cold up there and the ride up was no fun to this "scared of heights" girl but the view (before the clouds came in) was worth it.

9. Took the family to our fave tourists spots like Garden of the Gods and Pioneer's Museum. We also took them to the Air Force Academy chapel, Olympics training center and Manitou Springs.

10. Got to do a fun photoshoot with my sister's family. They were a hoot to shoot!

It was definitely a packed visit and we enjoyed every minute of our family being here. Our home sure went silent since they all left. But thank goodness for all the photos we took, we now have these memories to treasure (and scrapbook *wink*) for years to come.

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Allison said...

What a fun visit with the family. I'm sure that you were exhausted by the end but that it was worth it! :)