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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dino Magnets + tutorial

Two posts in one day! It had definitely been a great crafty day so I had to share another fun little project with you today....

Dino Friends tin can and magnets

I was inspired by a fun paper from Bella Blvd that had all sorts of fun dinosaur images. I decided to cut out these images and turn them into magnets. I have a HUGE dino fan in my home (my son) and I'm sure he'll be over the moon once he sees this project.

and to make this project "tote" worthy, I placed them inside a round tin can. The tin also helps keep the magnets in place. What could be better than a project that's totally cute and functional at the same time?

Want to learn how I made these magnets? Read on....

First, you gather your supplies. This project can be adapted with any papers that you like, you can use flowers, stars, shapes, robots, princess images...anything that will suit your theme of your child's fancy

You will also need:

magnet strip


adhesive (I used glue squares bec. they're convenient for me but glue gun will also work good)

Contact paper (you can usually find this at the kitchen section of your walmart or target. They're by the shelf liners. This will act as our lamination)

Second, You cut out the images you'd like to use for your magnets. Try to cut out as much background from your image.

third, Cut out a piece of contact paper that is double the size of your design. Then sandwich the cut out piece ( in this case, the Dino) between the contact paper and press to seal. Make sure you get out all of the bubbles from your contact papers.

Fourth, then you cut out the shape/image. When your cutting the image, I suggest leaving about 1/4- 1/3 space around the image. This will ensure that the contact paper seals well around the image.

Fifth, cut a piece of magnet strip. Now my magnet strip already have adhesive in the back BUT I tend to notice that it doesn't adhere very well, so I make it stick better using some square adhesives.

Sixth, Add the magnet strip on the back of your shape/image.

and voila! You have made yourself some fun paper magnets that will sure to delight your little ones. And the best part is that because you've laminated your paper images, you can enjoy this little treasure for a long time.

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Patchi said...

I got here from Scrapscene --- what a fun idea!