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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cake making day

One of the things I do at our church is to help out in the young women organization. I am one of the leaders for the teenage girls. Part of my calling (job) is to help out in activities for the girls. This week's activity will be decorating fondant cakes. We talked about marriage last week and we put together modest wedding/prom dresses using toilet paper and white duck tape. yeah I was so amazed at the creativity of these wonderful girls. So to continue the "wedding" theme, on Wednesday, we are going to decorate wedding cakes.

I learned about this great recipe for fondant through my dear friend Becky. I've done it twice in the past, and although I don't think I'm a pro at it by any means I wanted to share what I've learned with the girls.

Last Thursday while it was raining hard outside, the kids and I made a cake and decorated it using some fondant. I wanted to do a practice run before I teach it to the girls and that day seemed to be the perfect "trial run" day.

Here's a look at our finished cake....

the kids wanted to cut out shapes from the fondant (they call it sweet playdough) and they chose the colors of the fondant too, that's why our cake turned out to be more of a "baby" cake than a wedding cake.

here's some of the cut outs that the kids made. Marcus's are the blue ones and Maddie's the purple shapes.

I got Marcus to take a photo of me with the finished cake. I'm so proud of this and I'm glad that this is one of those skills that I don't give up on eventhough my cakes have not been the best looking ones. I learn something new everytime I make it.

When you mix kids and powdered sugar, the kitchen is bound to be a disaster. Here's a look at how we made our fun dessert....

I love how the whole counter was covered in white powdered sugar. Marcus' black shirt even became white after we were all done.

when I told the kids to pick out the shapes that they want to cut their fondant's with, they immediately dumped the whole cookie cutter box on the floor. Kids!

It was messy and sometimes a bit stressful, especially the cleaning part but we had fun and getting this time together with the kids making something "fun" is always worth it for me.

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