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Monday, December 6, 2010

What a surprise!

I was at JoAnns Craft store a couple of weeks ago because I wanted to get a few tools for my knitting project. I knew I had a budget and had totally forgotten my coupons so I was extra careful not to wander too much or I'll regret it.
Anyways as I was on my way out to pay for my purchases when I decided to stop at the magazine section and quickly peek at the latest special edition from CK which is all about scrapbooking your everyday memories.

the cover was cute and was enjoying my browse when all of a sudden I was in shock to see this in one of the pages.....

Yes that's my page! Why was I surprise you ask? ....well this page was already published once before and I was not informed that they were republishing it again. Don't get me wrong, I was not mad, instead I was utterly excited!

Excited to see a page of mine being picked up the second time; excited to see a page pubbed with both kids in it (that's always been an issue to me, I want both kids to have the same exposure all the time) and third, excited because I got a check in the mail for it!!!

The only draw back to this excitement was that, this was my first time to get pubbed twice on the same layout so I was not sure if I was going to get a complimentary copy of the issue. I was not willing to chance it so I decided to let go of some of my purchases and went ahead and bought me a copy of the issue (which by the way was a great one. I enjoyed browsing through all the great "everyday" layouts and the articles were fantastic).

And the irony of this was that, just after two days, my comp. copy arrived in the mail. LOL. I guess I would've waited but then again, now I have two copies so I was able to share one to my mother in law.

So there's my story today. Make sure you check out the issue and the mag here.

Till next time,

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Rochelle said...

wow grace! that is sooo great!!!!