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Sunday, December 19, 2010

sneeks of our new home *photo heavy*

ok so here's the much awaited photos of our home. It's not all of it. It's been a bit of a task for me to unpack the 40 or so boxes that we've stuffed with things that made up our lives for the past 8 years plus coming from a 3 bedroom house and trying to fill all 5 bedrooms of this new home has been a challenge. Let me just tell you that I've gone to Walmart 3 times in the last 7 days. The other four days was spent in Home Depot, Bed, Bath and Beyond and Costco. LOL

so here's us in the front of the house. Sorry for the blurriness. If you look closely, I'm using my remote for the camera, therefore there was no way for me to adjust the lens at this time.

*let me tell you a little back story first**
The house closed on the 3rd of December and Mitch flew in on the 4th to pack up our rented moving truck and we were all supposed to leave on the 6th (Mitch driving the moving truck while I followed with the Expedition).
Anyways, on the 3rd (Friday) the expedition started acting weird. It was shaking and the "check engine soon" light was blinking. Of course this freaked me out but by the time I took it to the mechanic place, they were closed. So I waited for Saturday, took it to the dealership only for them to keep my car for the whole weekend without even touching it. That annoyed me so much.
So we went to the dealership on Monday, took it out of there and brought it to the mechanic that was close on Friday afternoon. He took it in and by noon called us up to tell us the bad news. Apparently it's something to do with the intake manifold and that it won't be done by that day. With this development, Mitch and I had to make a quick decision. He'd drive that day to Colorado in the moving truck and I'd follow with the kids in the expedition whenever the car was done.
This proved to be another blow to what I thought was a planned move. Again, the Lord has shown to me that I'm not in control of my life and that he can easily change the course of it anytime He wants to. I was upset and was terrified with me driving the 1500 or so miles by myself (with kids in tow) to Colorado.
So after a few days of panic and waiting, on Thursday afternoon we finally got our car back and it was in working condition. I started my journey that same day and thankfully got to Colorado in one piece (for all three of us) on Friday night.

Ok so now that's out of the way, here's what my home looked like on Saturday morning......

the kitchen

Maddie's room

the family room

our bedroom

and after a week of intense unpacking and reorganizing here's what they look like now...

the kitchen

the family room

Marcus' room (Maddie still had to sleep with her brother because we haven't purchased her a bed yet)

Maddie's room

Upstairs bathroom

Master's bedroom bath

our living room (view from the stairs going upstairs)

upstairs view (the two doors on the left are Maddie and Marcus' room and the two doors on the right are the bathroom and the master bedroom)

the dining room area. See my cute model? :)

our bedroom. Not as big as our Norwalk master bedroom but we love the view. We can see the mountains from our bedroom window. Sooo cool!

the laundry room (this one is in the same floor as the family room.)

our extra 1/2 bath/powder room across the laundry room.

stairs to go down the basement.

here's the weight room.

and here's my future scrapbook room that will double as a guest room. I left this room last because I know this one will take the most time reorganizing. As most of you know I have a TON of scrapbook stuff to go through so making this an effective and less crowded workplace is going to be a challenge.

and here's a sneek peek of our deck in the backyard. This photo was taken on Thurs. when it started snowing. On Friday morning, this whole deck and the yard was covered in powder. It was beautiful to behold, if only I had the extra ounce of energy to take a photo of it, it would've been better. Maybe next time.

So that's it for me. As you can see the walls are still bare and there's still room to fill up and reorganize. This week, I have a few organizational things to do but my main focus would be preparing for Christmas. Aaahhh, can't believe we're only 6 more days before the big day.

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Kaste aka stinkydudette said...

Love how the new place is shapin' up!! Definitely looking forward to you new scraproom. Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays!!

Allison said...

Beautiful! Still drive by your house almost daily and think about you guys! Glad that you're enjoying it!!! Got your Christmas card in the mail too! :) Thanks for thinking of us. I hope to send some this year too...we'll see if they get done!