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Friday, February 12, 2010

My heart is full.....

With Valentine's day just around the corner, I thought of breaking up the "project" posts and share something personal with all of you.

I love Valentines day. I love all the sweet things you can give your special someone. I love how we "stress" out on how to show our dear ones how much we love them. I love how kids and adult alike get some type of valentine treat, whether it's roses, a nice dinner or sugary treats. All of them are great.

But today, I wanna focus on the intangible things. I wanna share the people I love. They are after all, the main reason why this holiday is so "sweet" to me. Without each one of them, I'd be one of those people being a "scrooge" during this love filled season.

Let's start with this man...

he is my strength. he is my protector. he always got my back. we are a team in everything and I love how he respects and actually listens to my opinion. I'm definitely the "best" me because of him. he doesn't let me use excuses in life and because of that I'm forever grateful for him

then we go to this little man....

he teaches me that with resiliency and faith, you can be anything that want to be. he teaches me patience (something that I never had an ounce of before I had him). he is pure, honest, fun, cute, very smart and whatever anyone says.....he is wonderful!!!

then her.....

this is the first time i'm going to come out and say this but I see so much of me in her. I didn't wanna admit that but it's true. The little things that she does that sometimes gets me, it's EXACTLY what I am or was when I was little. The impatience, totally girly, smart, divaish attitude. All that is me! AAaccckkk!!!
But seriously, she is sweet, very sweet. No day passes by without her telling me how she loves me. I enjoy her company (most of the time) cause she has tons of stories to tell and she actually listens to what I tell her the first time! Now that's a great trait to have in my books.

and my family...

they are my support system. Each and everyone of them play a huge part in my improvement in this thing we call life. Dad shares with me his expertise in cooking; Mom is always ready to give me motherly advise; George and Ali is so sweet to my family, especially the kids; Gary is my go to guy for cameras. I've learned so much from him eventhough I got my camera first; and Robert and Gem who are quick to lend a helping hand whenever we call them. Oh and I love my Penalosa family too. They are far from us but we think of them often and love them dearly too.

Oh, of course I love my "Tolman" family too, I just don't have a picture of the group. It's very big. :)

My heart is definitely full of love. I feel it everyday from all these wonderful people and I hope I show it too *wink*

Have a wonderful Valentines day everyone.

Till next time,

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