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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mother's day recap

I hope I'm not the only blogger out there that will be posting a Mother's day recap three days after the event. The beginning of the week is always very busy for me.
Anyways, Mother's day was great. I really didn't have any expectations on that day. Work got me all tired prior to that day so when the day came, I was just on the "going with the flow" mode.

So the morning started with a breakfast made especially for me by Mitch.

A little story about this breakfast.... I know Cream of wheat and a piece of toast was not that all grand but it's kinda my fault too, I didn't go to the grocery store before Sunday and so we didn't have any food and since we don't buy on Sunday's, he resorted to going through our food storage and made this. I guess he figured I wouldn't appreciate a cold cereal bowl so he provided me with a different variation of our usual breakfast bowl.
Hey, I'm not going to complain, I was able to sleep in a little and food was served to me. Whatever kind it was, I was happy.

We went to church that morning and boy was I busy bee that day. I had sharing time lesson to do for the kids and I also spearheaded their Mother's day project. I took photos of the kids two weeks ago, printed them off, then the kids made a mother's day frame for it.

Then when we got home, I "forced" my family to take pics with me. I say force cause I literally had to drag them out in the backyard and made them smile with me. I coached Mitch as to what kind of pictures I wanted him to take of me and the kids and these are what we got...

and this is my favorite one....

and here's my Mother's day gift from the family. A funny story behind this......While I was at work on Saturday, the family went to Home depot to get stuff for the kitchen and they picked up some flowers (one for me and another for Grandma Tolman) Dad instructed the kids that it would be a surprise so they shouldn't mention anything to me.
Well when they picked me up from work that day, the first thing Maddie told me is this...
"Mama we got you some flowers for Mother's day but it has to be a surprise!"
I guess the word "surprise" is not in a three year old's vocabulary yet! Too funny!

That evening we went to my inlaws house for some family time. We enjoyed our stay there and I got some fun treats from my mother in law. She gave all the moms truffles and candied apples. Isn't she the greatest? That was my fave gift of all that day. Don't get me wrong, the flowers and a book from church was good but c'mon if Dads get chocolates and candies for Father's day, I think mom's should get some treats on our day too. Don't you think? *laugh*

Anyways, so much for my yapping. Hope your week is going great.

Till next time,

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