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Sunday, May 3, 2009

belated NSBD....

For my non scrappy blog readers NSBD stands for- National Scrapbooking day. Yes there's actually a day designated for this crazy passion that we have and no you cannot laugh!!! Just kidding.

So yesterday (May 2nd) was the official day and unfortunately, my schedule (or better termed- lack of it) didn't permit me to celebrate. It's okay though cause any day that I can scrap, is my national scrapbooking time, so it's all good. I did, however, had some girlfriends over Friday night to scrap. None of us finished a page but we had fun talking and playing with the Cricut.

If you did celebrate, what did you do? did you get a lot of projects done? what special event did you participate in? I wanna know, I wanna know!!! I'll live the day through your experiences.

So since I had to work an 8 hour shift at work yesterday, I will opt to share two pages I did last week. Yes, a part of me is feeling ashamed that I only did two pages last week and yet a part of me is trying to let go of self expectations and moving forward.

So here's my share....

Time- a most precious commodity

this page actually started with the negative spots for "time". I had to cut out a bunch of these words for a class that I did and thought that it would be fun to paint/color them over kinda like masks and that's what I did. I started painting them onto white cardstock without any real idea/theme/pictures to go with them.

and then I thought about the word more and how it relates to my life right now and the phrase "a most precious commodity" instantly gave me the inspiration that I needed. It helped me jumpstart the journaling of which I write about how there's so many things that consumes me and how I'm always lacking time. I documented how my time is spent and how I would want it to be spent then goes back to who I should spend it with and that's my family.

then I remembered that I had a few leftovers from my Christmas card pictures, got one of that on there and started building the page up.

I usually sketch out pages that I wanted to do but with this one, it was all about what I'd do next to it. I think I'll call it blind scrapbooking. Never really knowing what the outcome is and just going with your creative instinct. I have to say, after this process, I like it! I know I won't do it often cause I still like the fact of visualizing the end part before you begin, but once in a while I'll definitely do some blind crafting cause it's FUN!

No other can compare

this one was made with my Use it up challenge over at SoCalScrap.us in mind. I decided to work with itty bitty scraps of pattern paper here. I'm such a paper hoarder, even the itty bitty ones I keep. What's wrong with me?! Anyways, I grabbed a bunch here and used them to create a border around the page.

I used up some more of my leftover family pics and sewn around the block (both picture and paper block) for added texture and interest

I love the glitter letter stickers from GCD studios. Can you see the shine? I just can't get enough of them!

Used up some of my 7gyspies labels for the journaling.

So there you have it. I hope that when you read this, you'd go pass the whining and complaining that I do (cause I do it alot) and see somethings that inspire and encourage you to get that page you've been thinking/planning/doing done.

Till next time,

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Rochelle said...

Hi Grace.. great pages! I love how you did the clock on your first layout and I am definitely going to try this 'scraps' challenge.

Happy belated NSD to you! I spent the day at CI Scrapbooking in Bellflower. :)