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Friday, May 1, 2009

happy friday and OLW page

Well this week is almost over and all I can say is...... FINALLY! It seemed like nothing was going right for me this week. On Monday, I had high hopes of a great and productive week but alas my luck, I felt ill. Not to worry, nothing scary or anything like the swine flu that we've all been hearing about, just was overtired and no room for resting.

After about a couple of days of feeling under the weather, I was on a mission to get back on track but whatever I do, I seemed to not be able to keep up with it. Oh well, not going to beat that bush. It's a good thing retail therapy always works for me. *wink*

Another thing that put a smile on my face....

Wow I can't believe I actually won this week. I love their challenges and getting it done was a prize in itself but to actually get to wear this "blog badge", WOW! what an honor. Oh it was for my home frame in this post.

So with some new buys and a prize, I move on.....

How about a scrapbook share....

The Journey to my Happiness

This one was inspired by the word for OLW blog which is JOURNEY. I thought about the word a lot this week and decided to focus on an intangible type of journey. The theme of the page is documenting the "crossroads" in my life which have led me to a state of pure happiness right now. Don't get me wrong, life is not perfect and I still have my struggles but I can really say that I'm happy despite of it because of these major milestones in my life.

-Since the theme was about "journey", I used my travel papers to emphasize the topic. I also added the butterfly for the "emotional" side of the journey.

-Even though this photo is not the greatest, I still chose it cause first, my son took it and he's only five years old and second, I had all my hiking gear on which relates to the "journey" theme of the whole page.

Being baptized in the LDS church.

I was eleven when my family converted to the LDS faith. I was very active but didn’t really gain my own testimony of the truthfulness of the Gospel till I was 19. And now I know without a shadow of a doubt that I receive the blessings that are given to me because of my faithfulness to the Gospel.


Marrying Mitch

Part of the wonderful blessing I have received through the Gospel and my religion is meeting my husband, Mitch. We were blessed to be married for all time and eternity in the LA Temple. And because we have the same principles and goals, I can say that we are in a happy marriage.


Having children

Nobody could’ve ever prepared me for Motherhood. It’s both the most rewarding and also the hardiest role I’ve ever had to take. I’m so blessed to have Marcus and Madelyn in my life. Being Amanda’s stepmother also has taught me so much about my strengths and weaknesses. They’ve truly made me a better person. I’m at my happiest when I can make my children happy.


Discovering my passion for Papercrafts

Who knew I could be creative? Definitely not me! But I love it now. I’ve been blessed to have found success through it and the effects of memory preserving for me in my daily life have increased all my senses to be more observant, more grateful and be more present to the now.

Thank you for looking and till next time,


Lynn said...

Love this! Great layout!

Leisha said...

Great as always! I hope you have a fun NSBD!

gudrun said...

Love your LO! Thanks for playing. :)

Gigi said...

this is such a great concept! i love how you did your journey page!