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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Let's talk numbers....

No I'm not talking about money, I don't have any so why bother talk about that! *laugh* This post will have to be random things that have some kinda numeral in it. Ready? let's go....

That's the magnitude of the earthquake we here in SoCal felt last Sunday night. My family was home and we were all just lounging around when Mitch noticed the unusual shaking. I quickly and calmly got my kids to go under the table. Maddie was afraid of it but Marcus seemed excited about the quick jolt.

Today at noon, I went and voted for some state propositions being decided on today. Felt good knowing that my voice was heard.


My 3 favorite scrapbook things right now are: apron lace punch from fiskars; swiss dots from cuttlebug and "ld vanilla" font from letterdelights.com. You'll see all of these things in my most recent layouts. Fun stuff!!!

You can have a chance to win 14 glittered letters pack if you participate in the sketch challenge at the GCD studios blog today. check it out cause the deadline is tomorrow afternoon.

There's 2 new posters up on our wall today and those are my kid's reward/chore chart. I finally finished it up this past weekend and the kids, especially Marcus, is very excited and motivated to get check marks on all of his chores, all throughout the week so he can get his reward on Friday. He got to pick it and he chosed Pizza. Didn't surprise me since that boy can eat 4 slices (regular slices) in one seating.

and finally 7
That's the number of years Mitch and I have been married. Yesterday was our anniversary. Didn't really celebrate since I had to work and it's a weeknight. I'm going to take this Saturday off from work though so we can do something fun. He did bring me a beautiful bouquet of flowers. He's soooo sweet.

So there you have it. This was a fun way to change up a post, try it for yourself.

Till next time,

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Queen of Paper said...

cute photos! I love that voting one! LOVE IT!