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Saturday, August 2, 2008

wow what a week!!!

ok so I took "running around" to another level this week. Seriously it started with me being Ms speedy Gonsalez trying to get all my chores and errands done so I can hang out with my parents, sister and brother in law on Monday. That night I hosted dinner for everybody BEFORE heading out to work. Whew! That's pretty much how my week turned out. Always running here and there, trying to be as fast as I can. The earthquake didn't even slow me down. Yeah it made me stop for an hour but after all the jitters were gone, it was back to move, move, move!!!
But it's not all bad, after all my sister was in town visiting from Idaho. We haven't seen her for a whole year so all the running around was WELL WORTH IT!
Here's some more highlights of the week (with pictures of course!)
The preparations for our little man to go to kindergarten is slowly underway. On Thursday we went to the doctor for his check up and to update his shots. No major shots done just the TB test but we the doctor did ask for bloodwork and that didn't make Marcus happy. I literally had to pick him up, all 54 pounds of him, onto the chair and held him down so the lab technician can get the sample. Hay!

Love that there was something for Maddie to do as well while big brother was getting checked.

and then Gem and I went to the nail salon. For a birthday gift she treated me to a mani and pedi. Oh how fun! I haven't done that in nearly 5 years! Wow, the things that you sacrifice when you're a mom! Gem got acrylic nails put on and I got some french nails. Fun stuff!

Then on friday, we started our day waaaay early!!! Got up at 5:20 in the morning to take Gem and Robert to the airport for their flight back home. I didn't mind taking them at all since I had a great excuse to go that way. My friend Heidi, called me the day before telling me her plans of meeting with Deborah Mahnken (another scrapbook.com friend) and her kids. I remembered how she mentioned she's close to LAX and so I jumped to the idea of meeting her after dropping my sister to the airport. We got there early but had a blast.
Here's a picture (kinda blurred) of Heidi and Deborah taking pictures. Seriously, you can only understand this obsession with taking photos if you're a scrapper!!!

Thank you so much Heidi for giving me and my kids a great time and Deborah, I will definitely let you know when I come your way. Hopefully we will visit Virginia around fall of 09.

And finally for this post, I'm loving grilling right now. Heck it's the season for it! Here's one of my fave things to make. It's called Stuffed Fiesta burgers. Oooohhh it's sooo good and very easy to make. Totally can beat all the restaurant burgers out there.

Have a great weekend,


Queen of Paper said...

It was so fun to have you and your adorable kids over grace! Now we can get together to scrap ;) thanks for coming at the last minute.

Deborah Mahnken said...

Love the pics! The kids & I had a blast :) and Thomas still talks about playing with all the boys. Let me know if you do make it out to Va Beach!