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Saturday, August 30, 2008

cheap jewelry organizer

ok so one of the things that's been on my mind lately is trying to figure out an inexpensive way to organize my jewelry. Working for Charlotte Russe has quadrupled my collection and it has gotten out of hand. I went to Claire's and Icing accessory store only to see organizers going for 20 bucks or more and I knew they won't hold up ALL of my stuff. So after being so disappointed I went for a little therapy in one of my fave stores in the world- Michael's Craft store. I was looking around and gathering up some inspirations when I stumbled upon the floral section and saw this circle wire wreath thing. I loved the way the wires where put together and a light bulb hit me..... I can totally use this for my jewelry. So I bought it for a mere $3, went home, grabbed some paper clips and my accessories and started filling this baby up

and here's the result....

Ok now before you gasp that I have a lot of fashion jewelry, may I remind you that I got 40% discount on all my purchases so it was not hard for me to accumulate this much. *wink*
So back to the organizer, I turned the paper clips to make it an S shape hook and started hooking one end onto the wreath and hanging my necklaces on the other end.

I placed the necklaces on top cause they're the longest and then my bracelets on the bottom.

Some of my really chunky bracelets are still hanging onto my old organizer cause the hooks just couldn't hold them and I'm still trying to figure out how I can add my stud earrings into this system but other than that I'm pretty happy with how this little experiment turned out. So if you have as much jewelry as I do and looking for an inexpensive way to organize them, go to your craft store and spend 3 dollars. It would be your most valuable investment!

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