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Saturday, August 30, 2008

a new hobby and some card share.....

Mitch has been, should I dare say, a little envious that I have a hobby that I'm so passionate about. He wanted to be like me, spending all my time and every little dime I have on my paper obsession. I told him to go out there and find something that he would enjoy and after months of saving up he finally got his very own Bow. He wants to get into archery bec. of this one guy in our ward (church) that goes hunting for boar (sp?) with his bow. He thinks he needs this kind of challenge next. I was all for it since I figured how much more dangerous is this hobby compared to his motorcycle, hunting and strenous hikes? right?!

But kidding aside, I'm glad he did take this up cause now he won't have to bug me when I'm scrapping. I can just tell him to go out there and target shoot. (just kidding). Seriously though he looks like he's really happy doing this and I'm happy for him. :) Nice comeback don't you think. *wink*

ok so now for some card share. I've been so uninspired this whole week. I felt like nothing was coming together right with my projects but like my mantra this year..... progress not perfection.... so I'm chugging along and sharing what little I've done....I'm cringing while I upload these cards so be nice when you comment on these ok.

have a great weekend everyone,

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