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Thursday, January 31, 2008


ok so usually I spend two hours going through my fave sites and message boards everyday. But today it seems like everybody is either sleeping or no new things being posted so I decided to just go through my pics in picasa. Have to do some type of scrapbooking everyday, right?!

Came across these pics that I thought would be fun to share on my blog.........

1. My sister Gem emailed me this pic a while back. The pic on the left is Gem when she was about Maddie's age and on the right (of course) is Maddie. See the resemblance? Funny how the gene thing works. The only thing I think they would end up being different on is Maddie will retain her curly hair unlike Gem who's hair is totally straight now.

2. This is a digital layout I did a few months back. I sometimes have those spurts of playing around in photoshop and making a digi layout then totally forgetting it's been saved. Fun though. Used Jessica Sprague's digital kit (downloaded from creatingkeepsakes.com) and brushes downloaded online too. Oohhh don't remember where exactly. Will have to research it!

3. A big scrapbook expo is coming to town and I'm soooooo excited. It's been two years since I last went. I had plans to go last year, even preregistered two months before, but with my ruptured appendix which came around that time I wasn't able to attend. This is a picture of the many stuff I got at a steal of a deal at the expo. I've been being a good girl lately and saving up all my money so I can "shop till I drop" there. Fun stuff!

4. I've been inspired by Martha Stewart a lot lately. Always been a fan but haven't really checked her show and website out since just recently. Anyways, got my valentines day banner idea from one of her old magazines. They had it spell happy birthday and the circles where bigger. I decided to make mine smaller since I had more letters to spell out. I used pink, red and orange color and then added hanging hearts. This is very easy and took me only two hours to do. The letters were printed off the computer, cut with a circle cutter, then I punched holes on top with a ribbon punch, threaded the curling ribbon through then hanged it on the entryway. Added some more ribbons and the hearts. Fun stuff and the best part- used up SCRAPS! Gotta love recycling.

So there's a very random post for you.

BTW, some "anonymous" commenter posted a remark on my calendar ideas post saying he/she wanted to make the pocket calendar and if I could help out finding the right link. Don't know who to address the answer since she/he posted anonymously but I think - the link doesn't work cause they recently revamped their website. Go to tvweekly.com then to scrapbook lounge then to archives. Find the post about "making the grade book" then watch the webisode. You might need to register so you can watch it, which isn't really bad cause they got loads of neat how to videos there to be inspired from.

Have a great day,
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Amy Hummel said...

Okay, I know what you are talking about here. It seems like no one has been on-line today. And this is the first time in awhile that I've actually had the chance to sit down at the computer and waste time. So I've been just going through blogs that I have been missing for awhile!

Queen of Paper said...

oh Grace you are so crafty cute! I love all the valentines stuff and I love the scrapwork. I also can't get over how big your daughter is getting. What a cutie!
PS I'm going to the scrapbook EXPO :)

Mrs. Doyle said...

i love that picture.. i still have a certain wave to my hair but i just kill it with my straightener! LOL