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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

Hi everybody, just poppin in here to wish us all a Prosperous 2008. May all our resolutions and goals all be fulfilled and accomplished.

Today my family are all doing there own thing. Kinda irritated by that but Mitch and Amanda both had something else they're doing. But I'm not letting this ruin my day so I will just do something fun with the kiddos. Maybe take them to the park so they can ride their bikes while I take pics. That should be fun!

I told you a few posts ago that I won a contest at Addicted Scrappers.com and that made me their January Guest designer. I was soooo lucky that I happen to pick the right month to win cause the kit is uber cute!!! KI Memories Pop Culture line is sooo fun!!!

Here's the pic of the line

And here's what I did with it

Layout #1 Sibling Love
A tip to share with matting a 12x12 pattern paper with cardstock. You would think that I trimmed the pattern paper a little and just glued it onto a whole 12x12 cardstock. That's the idea but if you think about it, there's about 95% of the cardstock that is wasted cause it's behind the pattern paper. My trick to this, I cut out a 10x10 box in the middle the cardstock before I stick the paper on top of it. This way I can still use this block for other projects. :)
Layout#2 A Tender Moment

With this layout I played with the black and white paper and colored in randomnly some of the flowers with pink and green to coordinate with my picture. In the kit there were these cool American craft vinyl letter stickers that I wanted to use but they were red. So I used it as a stencil instead sticking it on my cardstock, lightly penciling it in and taking it off. Then cutting it and erasing the pencil marks after. I added some black outlining so they'll pop out of the page too.
Layout #3 "27"

With this page I just wanted to talk a little about how I celebrated my last birthday. I went shopping with my sister Gem that day and so I kept some of the reciepts from that trip and made my own little pocket to house them. I used the number die cut paper for my title, cutting out the specific numbers that I needed. BTW this paper is sooo cool! There's so many possibilities for it.
Project: Photo card
The inspiration for this card came from the bubble quote felt embellishment that came in the kit. I thought that would be fun to house my card sentiment. I've never really worked with photo cards before but have seen them done so when I went through my stast of miscellaneous photos and found this of Marcus I knew I had to use it.
So there's my sharing for today. Remember to stop by the website if you have time to see more creations made with this kit. Here's the link- http://addictedscrappers.com/
You guys have a great rest of the day,

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Mrs. Doyle said...

i love all the stuff that you did with the kit... especially the tender moment..