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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Got my camera out today

and decided to take pics of what's going on in my home today.
I've noticed that i've spent a lot of posts talking about crafty stuff so here's something for our family to enjoy. (I hope so!)
Here's Marcus and Maddie playing oh so nicely together. I have to say this has been a common thing lately. They have been getting along great and LOVES to play with each other. The only time they really fight is when there's only one of something and that means they have to share. Now isn't that a drag! LOL.
Next pic is our dining table moved from the corner of the kitchen to the middle. For the past four years weve had it in the corner (by the windows) and can only use three sides of it. We would always have to pull it out so that a fourth person can sit. Maddie's outgrown her high chair so I suggested we buy a new table which will be smaller in size but can sit all of us without the hassle of moving it around. Mitch thought that we just needed to swith the table around. I thought that would make the kitchen (which is already crowded) more crowded but one night this week he decided to prove me wrong and made the switcheroo. Well what do you know! He was right. I'm happy with the switch. The kitchen is still crowded but I like the fact that we can all sit together at dinner time and eat at the table. Now all I have to do is buy matching chairs (notice we have one odd chair) and a new set of placemats so we'll all match. *wink*

Third pic are my new eye glasses. This can count as my christmas gift of some sorts. I've had my old ones for about two years and having kids that can't keep their hands to themselves, it was on its last legs. It can barely stay on the face! So after christmas I got me some new pair. I went to walmart and was going through their frames. At first I wanted to look hip and cool. Hehehehehe but when I came across these frames that have a darker lens part that easily clips on your glasses, I knew I had to get it. I felt it was cheaper to get this one than to buy two pairs (one regular and the other w/ darker lens). I'm so happy I got this one. Money well spent, I say!

And last a quick photo of me with my new glasses and my fave accessory (my camera). :) The little dots you see in my face is the reflection of the mirror and the sunlight on the side.

Notice my big bandaged up thumb? Well got in a little accident yesterday while opening up a game for Marcus. I was trying to slit open the package and ended up carving my finger too. Ouch!!! Didn't hurt too bad at first but when I noticed that the blood didn't stop coming I was a little worried. Luckily we had really thick gauze in our first aid kit which did the trick. I couldn't even scrapbook at first cause the bandaids that I put on right after I cut myself couldn't hold the blood. It was seeping through the bandaids leaving blood marks all over my papers. AAaaaahhhhh!

Ok so enough of the gorry details of my booboo. Life is good here and hope it is with you too. :)

Have a great day,
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Mrs. doyle said...

i notice your hair is getting longer... are you growing it out?