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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Post Christmas with family.....

my family (DeLeons) had a post Christmas, pre New Year's get together last Sunday. We usually go to their house on Christmas day but since this year Mom had to work we just moved it to the Sunday afterwards.
Mom had LOADS of food for us. The maid dish was the crackling pork that according to my brother Gary is the "artery-clogging" dish. Good stuff though, especially with his homemade soy sauce-vinegar concoction. Hmmm yummy!

Here's the whole gang getting their grubs on! I turned it into b&w cause of all the noise and bad lighting in the picture.

And of course we were able to open up christmas gifts from them. You see mom here being generous.

Marcus, Amanda and Maddie all got some cool clothes. Me, Rica and Alelli got a shirt that was similar to each other. Mom got it for us. We also got some cash. Way to go mom! *wink*

And finally, Lola and Marcus showing off what he got from them. Way cool, a power ranger! See even if Santa forgot to bring it, he knew you'll still get it from somebody else.

The one thing I was bummed about was that Mom neglected to inform my brothers that we were still planning on doing our gift exchange this year. We ended up not having it cause nobody was prepared (except me of course). Instead, we just gave our gifts to mom and dad. It turned out good cause I got a punch bowl which went to mom and Mitch brought three packs of trail mix which went to dad. I learned a lesson though, everybody's counting on ME to remind them about our exchange. Next year we'll all be better. :)

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Queen of Paper said...

What a yummy TABLE! love all these pictures!