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Saturday, November 3, 2007

on to some scrappy stuff

I know you're probably thinking, hey she said she's way toooo busy to blog then howcome she's doing it twice in one day. Well I don't have a schedule to work yet, my kids are asleep and I'm so dang excited to post some projects I did recently. So there. Hehehehe!
Anyways just a little note about today. I had a great morning, I mean GREAT! I went to a craft boutique/show at the Disneyland Hotel called CUW. Twice a year this group puts together a boutique/craft fair and a nice lunch afterwards. To get in the fair is free and you usually get loads of cute handmade stuff there. Anyways, I went to the boutique and got my usual stuff like party dips, snacks and toffees for the family and cute things for the house. I don't really spend toooo much money in these events cause well, to be honest, I don't have the money to throw away. But I make it a point to go to it every time bec. it's a major source of inspiration for me. You see all this cute, innovative stuff people make out of all sorts of materials that you just want to eat them all up. I LOVE the plethora of ideas that you can "borrow" and make it your own. This time I went by myself cause my mom backed out at the last minute bec. of work but I still enjoyed myself. Heck anytime without the kiddos are great for me. LOL.

So with regards to project postings here's a few from me.

This first one was made for a challenge at another blog. We were to alter envelopes. I bought this cute yellow envelope a long time ago at a stationary store and decided to make a mini album out of it. I got smaller envelopes, glued them together to make an accordion album and stuck all the love notes that I've recieved from Mitch since we've been dating. I organized them in a way where there's spots for future letters. :)

Here's the front side

The inside page. I made him write his signature in his own handwriting. I thought that would be a cool addition.

This is how it looks when it's all closed.

Then here's a couple I made for some challenges (again). Hey challenges are great, it allows you to go out of your comfort zone and try new things plus if you're lucky you can win it. :)
I know there's an awful shadow by the big flower, I scan my pages almost everytime so the thickness of the flower caused that shadow. Oh and this was made out of my scraps. Double yippee!
Here's another one made out of scraps. Sorry you can't read the quote quite well. Here it is- "happiness is like jam: you can't spread it without getting some on yourself".
The flourishes were done by hand on vellum. Cut out then adhered onto the page.
So that's it, hope you feel inspired like I was this morning.
Have a great day,

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Mrs. Doyle said...

Love the layouts.. when you get a chance to read my email to you, i hope you send me those pictures.. i'm going to need something to scrapbook..