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Monday, November 26, 2007

my thanksgiving weekend......

But you know what I should call this post C-R-A-Z-Y week part 2 cause it's been nonstop craziness for me.
The week started off on a low note with both cars breaking down but thankfully both were fixed by monday afternoon and we didn't have to miss any appointments. I worked monday night and had to miss a great episode of Heroes. Thank goodness for the fact that you can watch full version episodes on the internet the day after. On Tuesday morning I had to get Amanda from seminary, drop her off at school, feed the kids breakfast, make beds, get kids dressed for school and make a pasta salad ALL before 9AM. Whew! Our preschool class had our thanksgiving potluck feast and the kids had fun trying out all the food everybody brought. On wednesday morning I went to the grocery store to get the stuff for my food assignment for the thanksgiving dinner and bought some other stuff that are on sale. I LOVE that I was able to purchase a 10 pound turkey for only $4. Great thing to keep in the freezer. Then thursday we drove south to Murrieta for the Tolman's thanksgiving dinner. Great food and great company, as always. Kids are having so much fun with their cousins now. Got to see Ratatouille (sp?) on DVD. Cool movie.
And then when you thought I should rest a little from all the festivities, I decided I will be one of the millions of people that will brave the crowds on friday morning and get some great deals. I'm a planner so even before friday I already knew what I was going to buy. Stalked a great website called BlackfridayAds.com where they had leaks of diff. stores' ads for that day. With a pen and paper in hand I was able to list down the deals I thought was worth shopping for. Woke up at 5:30 am and was at Kmart even before they opened. Good thing I had Amanda with me so I can shop while somebody's saving my space in line. Worked out really good for us. They had a bike for $20 (great for Marcus), Imitation Ug boots for Amanda and doodlepro for ($7) that would be great addition to Maddie. Then we went to Target, they had 2 pack Xhilaration mittens for a buck and got a bunch for my nieces and cousins. After that we went to Old Navy to purchase some sweaters that are a steal for $7.50 each for nephews and cousins. Amanda wanted this sweater that unfortunately was not on sale but we ended up getting it anyways. I told her that will be her big ticket gift this year. And finally to walmart to get a little kitchen for Maddie and some more gifts. Hubby was surprised that we were home at 10:30am. I told him I could've stayed longer out there if I had the money to burn. hehehehe. Whew, I can say I'm almost done with my gifts. I just need to figure out what I will get for hubby and for myself, of course. LOL. For family gifts, I decided I'll bake a bunch of breads/loaves, wrap it up fancy and give that to family and friends.
Then I had to work that night and also Saturday night. Whew I'm so pooped. I'm so in need of some shut eye.
Then when you think I'm so crazy, I decided to have a post thanksgiving dinner with my side of the family on Sunday afternoon. A traditional thanksgiving feast with all the fixins. Yes I did make the turkey, sweet potato casserole, stuffin and three diff. kinds of appetizers. I had my dad (who's a chef by profession) make the mashed potatoes, gravy and green beans. Yummy stuff! I'm not making a FHE treat tonight cause I think we need to rest from all the sweets. If my family resists, they can eat apples. LOL!
Here's some pics of my post thanksgiving feast.

I let Mitch do the honors of carving the turkey. We think cooking the bird inside one of those cooking bags is the best way to go. Moist and delicious!

Here's a simple table setting from me, didn't have time to make it all fancy. I didn't even bother making place cards. Too tired!

And of course here's a little minibook I made. Don't think I just made this just because, it's actually a part of my A Year to remember kit so I was kinda forced to make something cute that coincided (sp?) with the holidays. Still had fun making it though. :)

Oh and one final thing.......THANK YOU to you, yes you! Thank you for reading and sometimes leaving a comment on my blog. I can't believe that after three weeks of having a tracker that I've had over 150 hits. Wow!

Have a great day,
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