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Saturday, November 3, 2007

halloween hooplas and other news

Sorry I've been neglecting my blog lately. I've just been going through some major challenges that are stressing my mind out. I think I have too many things I WANT to do but things I NEED to do takes precedence of course. Ay life, what can you do?
Anyways, Halloween at the Tolman home came early this year. Maddie's costume was a no brainer. Since she's so into cute, girly stuff, the Princess outfit that I got from my sister Glady as a hand me down was our pick for this year. She looks so cute and I'm glad I took photos of her before Halloween night cause I don't like the lighting or lack of it at nightime and my pictures turns out crappy. I think this one of her taken the monday morning before Halloween is a winner, don't you think?

this year Marcus took a loooong time to finally decide on who he was gonna be. When we watched teenage mutant ninja turtles in May, he wanted to be that. In june after seeing fantastic four, he wanted to be the guy that turns into flame, then a month later he decided he wanted to be optimus prime. Hay!!! I didn't bother getting him a costume early in the season cause I knew he will just change his mind but last week I realized that my options at walmart were getting slim so I took him to the store and "influenced" him to pick the easy and cheapest one left. Luckily he went with a black power ranger suit which only put me back $12. Not bad!
So since my child is impatient (like me) and the costume was bought a week before Halloween, he was wearing it all week already. He's so funny running around the house in his costume and making all his "power ranger" sounds. Here he is getting ready to go out to go trick or treating with the treat bag he made at school. See I told you my pictures are better during daytime. Hehehehe.

Funny kids, couldn't wait one more minute to get out there and get some candies!

Here's Amanda. I let her use Maddie's wings (which Maddie wore last year) so she can be a fairy but she decided to play too much with the face make up that I don't really know what she is now!

So that's our Halloween hoopla. Kids had fun going around the block with their dad and I stayed home to give out the candies.

Now for some other news........
Like I said earlier there have been some things in my life that are keeping me away and one of those things is finding a job. Yes you heard it, I have decided to get a part time job which I will be doing at nightime and on saturdays. At first I was very afraid to go back to the work force cause of fear that I'm outdated and don't know how to "sell" myself anymore to be hired. I tried target, mervyns, old navy, costco and others, which did you know you can apply to online? I thought that was neat! Anyways I was at the mall on wednesday and saw there were signs on almost everystore for hiring. I went in a few and got some applications. When I got in at Charlotte Russe (which if you don't know is a trendy clothing store for girls), asked the lady for an application and come to find out she was the manager. She interviewed me right then and there, which took me by surprise and told me to come back the next day to be formally interviewed. I was sooooo nervous but got home, got my resume updated and filled up the application form. The following day, I got Mitch to come home early so he can watch the kids, got dressed in a business attire and off I went to my first interview in 7 years. Got there and found out she was going to interview me at that same time with two more people. Didn't know they do that now! I thought it's always been a one on one thing. See I told you I was so out of the loop. Hehehehe. I then realized that I was competing with "kids" and if I just show my personality and some common sense in my answers I might just have a shot with this.
So to make the long story short..... I got hired and I will be a seasonal employee for a very cool company. The best part of it all for me- I get 40% discount on all merchandise. HOW FREAKING COOL IS THAT!!!! I'm totally psyched, and ready to dress up and play the part of a cute, trendy sales associate.
I gotta give you guys a heads up, with this new venture that I'm getting in, I might not be able to update this blog as much as I want to. We will see.
So that's it for me right now. totally excited and nervous at the same time but I'm ready to face it..........
Have a great day,
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Mrs. Doyle said...

Love the hallloween pictures!

congrats on the new job!