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Thursday, November 8, 2007

got an awesome RAK

Ok so I was giving my son a haircut last night. I've put it off the whole day and by the time I got all set up, it was already dark outside. I forgot it gets darker earlier now. duh!
Anyways, I just got done trimming Marcus' hair when a fedex truck pulled up infront of our house. I was surprised that (a) they were still delivering at 6pm and (b) that there's a package addressed to my house. I rarely purchase anything online or through catalog and I wasn't waiting for any documents from anybody so I was totally boggled. Then the guy said he had a package for Grace Tolman. Wow, weird but ok!
So I went in the house and got dinner ready. After everything was squared off, I opened my package and it was this.

I totally forgot that I won a random raffle prize (we in the scrapbooking world call it RAK which means random acts of kindness) in a famous scrapbookers blog.
I was soooooo excited for my goodies that I had to take a picture and blog about it. This is a card kit from CKMedia which was designed by one of my fave artists- Becky Higgins. I'm totally psyched about making something out of this. Will probably post that too when I get it done. So for now, here's my free, happy mail.

have a great day,
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