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Friday, August 28, 2009

GCD rak offer

Head on over to the GCD Studios blog today for a chance to win this beautiful collection.

Have a great weekend.

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Apple school kit

Cuttlebug challenge blog never seizes to inspire me and their design team is just awesomely inspirational so this week's challenge was another "must do" challenge. We were to combine our love for cuttlebug products with Cosmo Cricket products to make a school inspired ensemble. Yup this girl was definitely fitting in her comfort zone with this challenge.

Apple School kit

I used some Get happy, a little bit of cogsmo and sunshine papers for this project. I just bought the Argyle embossing folder so I used that one here too plus my favorite swiss dot folder. Can't get enough of that baby!

For the apple, I cut it out from the Cricut expressions using the plantin schoolbook cartridge in a roly poly style (so it's fatter than usual)

Some close ups....

altered a paper lunch box. I love this box and so glad I have more to alter. I already dressed up one here on this post.

prettied up a pack of #2 pencils.

a couple of thank you notes

and some altered post it note holders. I made a tutorial for this a long time ago which is one of my most popular posts so if you wanna check it out, click here.

Thank you for looking.

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Welcome home card

So now that I'm done with organizing and cleaning up my house, it's time for some crafting. Here's the first share....

Welcome home card

this was based on the CPS 129 sketch and I made it with these fun free downloadable products from Marks Paper Co. I thought it was very cool of this company to offer free products. It gives you a chance to play with their designs and it's so convenient cause all you have to do is print it out. Now that's very clever! Thanks Marks Paper Co. for being so generous. Click here to try it out yourselves.


because the paper designs were in a smaller scale, I decided to make a card out of them. I made these little houses from three of the papers and sewn around them for added texture.


I embossed the welcome word with black and stamped the home word with red to create a visual triangle between that word, the red heart in one of the houses and red ric rac.

Thank you for looking.

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things that have pulled me away......

Hi all, yes I'm still here, just been very busy with some projects. Here's some of the things that have been pulling me away from blogging....

One of the things in my 29 list was to reorganize my scrapbooks. I realized that my system is not effective cause they're all organized by year, everything in one book. I thought that Marcus and Maddie (in the future) might want to take their own pages when they move out so I reorganized it for that purpose. Now each kid plus Mitch and I have separate books dedicated for pages about us and then all the holidays and event layouts will be in our family books. I have to say that it was a task that I didn't realize would take me 5 days to do. And the worst part, it's only partially done. I ended up needing more scrapbooks so the ones that are most recent went into a box while I wait for some money to purchase albums. The books that I want don't come cheap.

Here's some pics of my project...

I first divided them into groups- Mitch's pages, My pages, Events/holidays/trips goes in one pile (the tallest one), each kid's pile and so on.

Gathered all my existing albums (I prefer the 3 ring ones cause they're the easiest to add and take out pages from) and reassign them. The farthest three would be for family, the singles are for Mitch and I and the double ones are for Marcus and Maddie.

I wanted to take a picture of this pile with a ruler cause I still can't believe that I've made this much pages over the course of 5 years of scrapbooking. This is only the ones that will go to the family ones. It doesn't even include all the kids, Mitch and mine pages plus the kids' scrapbooks that went into their first year albums. Can you tell I'm addicted to scrapbooking? LOL.

Ok so if that project was not overwhelming enough, I had to move all my kitchen stuff back in this beautiful place....

Yes my kitchen is finally done!!! I'm so happy with it that trying to juggle getting my books done and getting stuff back in the kitchen seemed to be a fun chore for me.

oh how I've missed my stove and oven! I've been baking all sorts of goodies in there for the past week. And look at all the storage that we got now. Definitely a big improvement from the ones that we had before.

and see all those beautiful dishes and glasses on the top, I got most of them from my wedding and they've been sitting inside their boxes all these years. I was so happy busting them out from their boxes and displaying them.

Although most of the stuff has been put in, Mitch still needs to clean up his "crap" (tools and stuff) and move the microwave to it's place so I'm not going to post a panoramic picture of the whole kitchen until it's all the way it should be. Oh but just thinking about my new yellow walls makes me happy and inspired. *smile*

And because it is still summer and it's finally getting warm around here, I took the kids to a wading pool on Wednesday. We met some friends over at the Del Valle park in Lakewood. We were the first ones to arrive and the kids got to own the wading pool all to themselves for the first 30 minutes. Here's some pics of that...

it's shallower and smaller than the one we usually go to but Maddie enjoyed it a lot.

Look at how long her legs are. I can't believe how fast she's grown. Oh and I took the kids school shopping last friday and the both of their feets grew one whole size. Dang! I can't keep up with their growth spurts! Maddie is now a size 11 and Marcus is now a big kid size of 2.

Here's Marcus showing me a treasure that he found on the wading pool.

So there you have it. How was your week?

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

GCD studios August share

I did these projects a week ago and I'm finally able to share them with you....

1. Little People activity tin

I got the idea for this project because I scored the "people" die cut set at the closing sale of my lss.

I used party it up papers (mostly scraps from my other project) and just run them through the die cut machine, layering the pieces for more interest.

I laminated them with contact paper and adhered a small strip of magnet on the back. Since my kids will use this during church time, I wanted it to be sturdy for tough kids. LOL

I also covered the tin but this time with the Sunny Days papers (I just love that line!)Another thing I love about this project is that it's so thin and compact which can be taken anywhere.

2. Pamper Gift Set

I covered some toiletry items plus a small candle with the Morning Glory pack to create this gift set that would be perfect for a friend, a mom that needs a pick me upper or a bride to be.

I didn't have a cute basket to match so I grabbed one of my kids' shoe box and covered that with paper as well to make it all pretty. I finished off each toiletry item with rafia and a layered flower.

3. Sweetest little soul minibook

I grabbed the round shaped paper from the Canta line and cut it in quarters. I adhered two of them (wrong sides glued together) for added sturdiness and included tags/journaling blocks from the Chic Bebe line in between each page. I then binded it all with my bind it all machine. I then added my pictures and embellished it with all sorts of GCD studios "fun stuff" (rubons, epoxy sticker, ribbon, chipboard shapes)

The main purpose for this minibook was for me to be able to jot down all those important facts/dates/details of my son's first 6 months of life. I found this book that I've kept all his stats and firsts (first time to eat, to coo, to rollover) and I thought it's important for me to keep them all in one place.

If you wanna learn about the products used here, visit the website here.
Thank you for looking.

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Play ball

Second crafty post for the day is a layout.....

Play ball

this one was for two challenges
1. One little Word blog. The word for this week was "play". Definitely a no brainer for me to use these pictures since this is the only thing we have right now that's close to a sports page. Hopefully when my schedule at work changes I can actually put my kids in some form of after school sport activity. But for now this will do.

2. thestudio.scrapbook-101.com challenge. There were a few things that we needed in our layouts and here's the run down...
use a non-scrapbook item- I used a foam sheet and made my own stars from it.
use borders- I added a ric rack edge to my picture borders (the picture strip on the bottom)
combine journaling with stamping- I used journaling stamp to house my "words".

I added some non-scrapbook item which are the foam stars. I've had the foam sheet for a while now and have been meaning to use them on something. This page was the right one for it.

I grabbed my journaling circle stamp and stamped it three times to create my journaling block. I thought it could resemble a ball traveling on air.

June '08- On our trip to the Long Beach Scout-o-rama, Marcus got a crash course to baseball. In one of the Cub Scout troop booth he learned how to pitch, catch and throw a baseball. He really enjoyed it! Although he didn't get to hit the ball with a bat, he did better with pitching it and getting it through the hole. Great sports action!

Thank you for looking.

Till next time,

An apple a day.....

Got a few projects done and so today will be a multitude of "crafty" posts. Let's start with a shaped card that I made for this week's Cuttlebug blog challenge....

An Apple a day card

Be Inspired #45 was to make a shaped card. I loved all the sample projects that the Cuttlebug DT made. So inspired that I went right to work and made my own.

I didn't have a shaped card base so I went to my Cricut, cut out a large apple and used that as a template to make the card. I used my cuttlebug embossing folders to add dimension to the leaf and trunk of the fruit.

I also added stitching around the card for that homemade feel.

I finished the inside of the card with a little sentiment that, I thought, went well with the words in the front of the card.

Thank you for looking.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Brighter days will come soon....

that's my positive thought for today. I'm feeling a little burnt out and it's just Tuesday! So to keep my spirit high and get a little motivated, I made this card.....

Brighter days will come soon

this card was made for two challenges...
1. Be Inspired #44 at the Cuttlebug challenge blog. We were to do a scene card. Now first off I know what you're thinking, where's the scene in my card? Well I wanted to participate but quickly realized that I didn't have any fancy "scene" stamp so I "tried" to make my own. The cloud paper was in my "new paper" stash and used that as a backdrop for my flowers. I also added a butterfly to brighten up the "scene". In the challenge we were to use Sakura pens as well. It's funny cause I didn't know why I'm joining in the challenge when I don't have much Sakura pens either, I only have a white one, but I just LOVE that blog and the challenges that I'm jumping in, even if I'm short of some products.

2. The card was based on the sketch at Get Sketchy blog. A challenge blog that I came across at while browsing through some links. They're new so if you get a chance, play along too. I'm sure you'll enjoy it as much as I've had. As for my card, I turned the sketch to it's side with the waves going on the bottom. I even took the bonus challenge and used Pattern paper on the card.

I used the Sakura white pen to write my sentiment and also add some pen stitching on the brown pattern paper.

I embossed the black border for some interest and texture, used my swirl cuttlebug embossing folder for the background cardstock and finished it all off with some rhinestones and ribbon.

Thank you for looking.

Till next time,

Monday, August 17, 2009

share day...

hello Monday!

This is going to be a quick one cause I still have laundry to finish, vacuuming to do and dinner ready before I have to be at work at 6 tonight.

Anyways, one of the funnest thing to be on a design team is to be able to share my work to people other than my blog readers. So if you have the time to check out some great company blogs please follow me here...

Today I have a start to finish article about the time capsule minibook I made with my Crazy Daisy August kit. Here's a picture of the finished book. More info in the Crazy Daisy blog.


and then I made this with some of my Morning Glory papers from GCD Studios. More on this project will be read in the GCD blog.

So there you have it. Gotta go, just heard the dryer beep!

Till next time,

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Field trip Wednesday *photo heavy*

Ok, I know it's not Wednesday today but now that I finally have sometime to upload and go through the pictures of my Wednesday field trip, I thought I'd share with my blog readers....

My brothers we're both off on Wednesday and Gary was raving about this great eatery that serves Brazillian BBQ. I was intrigued, I mean what's the difference between a regular BBQ and the Brazillian one. And lucky me, since I'm off on Wednesday too, we made a plan to go on a little field trip to downtown LA.

We first drove to the Farmer's Market. We didn't get to go all the way around the place, too many people and my kid's were just not interested in walking around without touching things. I'm telling you, my kids are sometimes worse than Curious George! Here are some shots that I got from there...

and here's the Brazillian BBQ place....

The price was a little high for my taste but since I'm into trying new things (and my brothers paying the bill) I was all for it. The cool thing about this place is that they lay all the food on a buffet style. You pick the salad, sides and meat you want. Price is $9 per pound and there's 7 meats to choose from. You can pick one or all of them if you want. I tried the lamb, spicy chicken and sausage. Being that it's my first time there, I didn't know what to expect as far as taste but after the meal, I have to say that I'm going to give this place a solid 8 (10 being the highest). There were some meats that had more flavor than others like the sausage and chicken but they were all good. Even the side dishes were yummy. I especially liked the veggie fried rice, pasta and cheese roll. Definitely worth the trip!

After lunch we headed to the Grove which was just beside the market. We walked around a bit. It's a good thing it was another small place or we would've been disappointed that we didn't see it all.

All the high end stores where in that shopping center. I even got to go in the Anthropologie store. Wow talk about great place for inspiration. Their window design alone filled me with great ideas. I also liked browsing through the clothes but I know that I can never afford them, they're just way too expensive for this cheap girl. LOL.

Another funny story I want to add to our window shopping....while we were walking Gary mentioned out loud that he wanted to go to the Apple store. Gary, George and Alleli (George's girlfriend) all wanted to go and sounded excited. Well Marcus heard their conversation and he too got excited. He said..." There's an apple store here?" and we replied "yes". He goes on " that soooo cool, I wanna go too" By this time, I realized that he was thinking of a different apple, the real apple fruit! I told him that the "apple" store that everybody was talking about was for computers and not the fruit kind. Everybody, of course, got a big chuckle from this. Sure got to love kids' innocence.

The highlight of our trip here was the tram. The kids, especially Maddie, said that this was her favorite part.

we sat on the top part and although it was a little bit warm (being that it was around noon time) we enjoyed it cause we got to see all the parts of the Grove that we couldn't have seen if we were walking down on the streets.

After that we decided to drive on over to Little Tokyo. It was a little drive from where we were at. Somehow Gary's GPS on his phone was taking us through the scenic route. After about 35 minutes of driving we finally got there and the first thing we did.... get some yogurt at PinkBerry's.....

expensive but again because I'm not paying for it, I was not complaining. *wink*

After that we were off across the street to the Japanese Village Plaza..

I have to say, they don't call this "little" Tokyo for nothing. It was only a street size from end to end with just shops and little restaurants to see. It was still an interesting place to visit though.

I made it a point to hand the camera to my brothers once in a while during this trip and here's one that George got of me and the kids.

I look at this picture and I can't believe how my babies have grown.

So there you have it, fun times with family and great places we can check off our checklist of "seen it" places. Definitely one of the lucky things to be living in Southern California is that there's interesting places all around us and they're just a matter of a drive away. Thanks bros and Ali. :)

Till next time,