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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

My Life: Crazy and Busy!!!!!

Ok so I'm so embarrased that I haven't updated this blog for more than a week now. As you can see from my title, my life right now doesn't permit me to be consistent here. Sorry!
I don't want to bore you guys with all my stuff but I do want to post some pics from this weekend.

First of is that I GOT IT!!!!! My dslr camera that is. I wanted to hug my UPS guy when he came on friday afternoon. The day before my birthday, how awesome is that! I'm so psyched about it and everytime there's a few free moments, I try to play with it. Here's some pics that I thought was worth showing off for a beginner like me.

On Sunday's we usually have dinner at my parent's house but this last one my parent's were going to go to work early so I hosted the dinner at my house instead. We had my sister and brothers (together with their girlfriends). We had loads of fun. I made spaghetti bolognese and made some honey butter for the rolls. Everybody was flippin over the butter and I had to bake another batch of rolls just bec. they were gone in a snap!
Here's some pics from that get together. Can you believe we all have grown up. BTW for those who don't know my siblings, the youngest one of us (the girl with the longer hair) my baby sister Gem is getting married in about 2 weeks. Where did time go?

This little boy just turned 4 yesterday. He had a spiderman cake and went on a trip to chuck e cheese. More pics to come but as of now, let's remember how goofy he can be.
Have a great day everyone.

Monday, July 9, 2007

It's been busy around here lately. With summer "fun" activities and wedding stuff there' s just a few minutes to come up for some breath.

I do wanna share a few things that happened this week that I thought was "note-worthy":

- I took Amanda to the DMV on friday and she passed her written test. Woohooo! Right now she is enrolled in a behind the wheel training and will have to wait 6 months to take her actual driving test. Should be enough time to be well prepared and practiced.

- Had a "wedding" meeting with some of our friends that are willing to help us execute the whole wedding production. Kinda sad though cause now that we have all talked the agenda over, my whole vision for the event have totally been changed. Huhuhuh! I know they mean well and most of their inputs and suggestions meant more sense that what I've thought about but still it makes me sad that the idea in my head has all been changed. Oh well, it will all workout. right?!

- Mitch went on a day hike with his high school friend Ken. They went on a pretty strenous hike up in the san gabriel mountains. It was a blast (according to Mitch).

- I'm not one to announce my big day (since now it's a symbol that im getting older) but it's coming up on saturday and Mitch let me get my gift already. Actually it's still in transit and won't probably get here till AFTER my b-day but I'm just so psyched about it, I can't resist to share. Here's a sample photo of it. Can't wait to get this "baby" and use it.

- And finally, even though I'm so busy, I was still able to manage making some layouts. Here are a couple of them. They are also posted in my gallery (http://www.scrapbook.com/myplace/index.php?mod=galleries) at scrapbook.com.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Had a fun 4th

How about you guys? was your 4th of July festivities fun and safe? Hope it was.
For us it has been the tradition to get together at the Tolman's home in Garden grove for some bbq, swimming and fireworks at the end. It's always fun to hang out with family and being our family is quite large, everybody has somebody to visit with. The grandkids dominated the pool the whole day, although they did let the tolman kids (jenae, dana, jerry, mitch and tyler) play their annual marco polo game in the afternoon. The sisters- in-law chatted away and grandpa and the other guys played horseshoes. Fun times. Oh the food was yummy too, as always. Anna (Dana's wife) brought this very tasty green jello salad with pineapple and nuts. I have to get the recipe from her one of these days.

I made a batch of cinammon pinwheel cookies. First time I made it but turned out to be a hit. I didn't even get to take any leftovers of the cookies home. hehehehe! *if you want a recipe of it, leave me a comment and i'll post the recipe here. It's very easy!

So that's it for right now. Gotta go back to some more wedding planning and summer fun.

Have a great day,


Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Have been a slacker

So sorry for missing so many days of posting. Everytime I get on the computer to check my email and fave message boards I would always have the best intentions of getting in my blog and writing something but after all that I normally do and check the thought doesn't come back to me until I have turned off the computer. Aaaarrrgghhh!
The summer season is not helping either. Everyday it seems like something is going on that takes precedence to getting on here. They are good reasons though. That means I have a life and i'm living it. Feels good to say that. Now if only I have that kind of attitude when kids are bouncing off the wall and I have a million things to do!
Thursday, Friday and some saturday was spent looking for the perfect outfit to wear to Mitch's 20th high school reunion. Of course we were gonna go and being this was a first for both of us, we didn't know what to expect. I spent thursday with my kids and Gem at the block at Orange (an outdoor mall) to find something to wear. Of course I was unsuccessful. Kids plus more than three hours at the mall was not a good combination.
On friday we went to park day in the morning then left the kids at my parents' house to take Gem wedding decoration shopping. We hit this store called Fabric Barn (http://www.fabricbarn.com/) oh and it was ribbon heaven! If you live locally here and is into crafts go check out this store. Give me a call so we can make it a field trip. LOL! You won't be disappointed by the selection and price. That night Mitch and I went to Kohl's to get our outfits and spent way too much. But we both look hot!
Saturday morning I attended an "emergency preparedness" workshop at church. It was great. We already have our 72 hour kits but needed a car kit and so that's what I signed up for. We also was fed some great food made out of food storage staples. Overall inspiring activity.
That night we went to the Marriot hotel at Long Beach for the reunion. Most of the alumnis there didn't recognize Mitch without his nameplate with his senior photos. You gotta admit, the bald head kinda throws you off. hehehehe! He met up with one of his closest buddies in high school. Pretty cool. We didn't get out there till 12 am. A very late night for us "old foggies"!
Sunday was church and family time.
Yesterday (monday) was all about getting chores done and prepping the garden for some replanting.
Today was free movie day and more wedding planning/prepping.
All in all busy days and a lot more to come since our big wedding (Gem's big day) is coming up at the end of this month. I promise to try to post some pics of our July 4th events though.
And finally something I've had my eye on will (hopefully) be purchased very soon. Check it out here- http://www.nikondigital.com/main.html
Have a great day,