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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wanna kit sneek peek? plus a RAK?

Got Easter and Spring in your mind right now? Well after getting the preschool's calendar for March yesterday, I felt a little nervous that Easter is going to creep in here without me being prepared for it. Aaahhh!

But eventhough my head is filled with things to do AND make before Easter comes, I'm still excited cause I got a sneek peek of Coconut Scrapshop's March offering for their kit. Here's a sampling of what you'll find in it.

Of course there's more but just to get your attention here's a little taste of some yummy Basic Grey "Two Scoops", doodlebug design stickers and other fun spring themed items.

And because I'm all so giddy and excited about this kit, I'm hosting a RAK (random acts of kindness) here in my blog.

Check out the coconut scrapshop's store from now till Saturday (March 1st), browse through the many fun stuff we have to offer there and then leave comment on this post about the THREE products you liked the best that the store carried. Don't forget to add your name and email address. On Sunday I will draw a name from a hat and TWO winners will get a $10 gift certificate EACH from the Coconut Scrapshop store. How cool and easy is that!!!
So what are you waiting for....play along.....click here http://www.coconutscrapbooking.com/store/


Oh BTW did you know that Coconut Scrapshop is offering first time kit buyers a steal of a deal- only $15 for your first kit! Check them out. ;)

Monday, February 25, 2008

monday pictures!!!

Like the new blog format? Thought I change it back to white (the clean look makes me happy) and moved the sectional stuff onto the left. I feel like the blog has had many visits lately since the DT announcements that I wanted it to be viewer friendly. :)
For my monday post I decided to post pictures. I carried my camera for about an hour today just taking pictures of anything and everything. I don't know why, just in the photographing mood I guess. Here's what I got....
Finally got something to display my many scrapbook albums. Before when company comes I had to carry all these albums from my room to the living room so I can show them off, this way it's there accessible for anybody to view. I got this shelf plus two more of the same style from my neighbor whose clearing her house. We put one in Amanda's room and the other as the kids new toy organizer. Love the fact that it's tall and deep. I can put toys that I don't want the kids making too much mess off up on the highest shelf. LOL.

My guilty pleasure is finally back in my local Costco. I'm sooooo inlove with this dip. I eat it with tortilla chips and I can eat this whole tub in one afternoon. Of course I don't dare do that cause I will have to pay in the treadmill but the thought is tempting. *wink*.

And finally here' s Marcus showing off his "fort". I washed the cover of our couch cushions today and he decided to use the cushions to built his very own playhouse. Of course I wasn't gonna take a picture of his house with the cushions all uncovered so I waited till the sheets were back on it. LOL.

Here he is inside that tiny spot.

So there, hope you're having a great start of the week.

Have a great day,

Oh BTW there's some fun sneek peeks at Coconut scrapshop and Scrapwords kits in the coming days and even a RAK so watch out. :)
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Thursday, February 21, 2008

I'M A WORDSMITH and some creative "sampling"......

Ok so eventhough it's a little gloomy outside, weatherwise, here inside I'm smiling from ear to ear. Why so? Well I just found out that I was picked to be a "wordsmith" at Scrapwords.com. I'm part of the new design team over there and I cannot be any more excited. FREAKING AWESOME!!!
Here's the layout I made as part of my "application" entry. We were to make a layout with the word "overcome" as a theme. Loved that concept and had just the perfect pictures to go with it.

Journaling: I always give up when things get hard. I turn around and close my eyes. I say NO when I’m force to exert more effort than I want to. And this was evident in all aspects of my life- I was overweight; Not physically active; fearful of so many silly things; cannot commit; and making wrong choices left and right.
That was me 7 years ago. Not anymore! Today I’m still fearful but have channeled the inner courage that I never knew I had. I’m now confident to face the adversity, tackle the obstacle “head one” and believes in the possibility that after the storm, I will come out on top.
Evidence of this “Aha moment” was when I got back on a bike after not riding for over 10 years. I was afraid, and at times wanting to give up but I overcame all the negativity in my head and rode the trail all the way to the finish line.
Woohoo for me and to the power of mind shift.

and Woohoo for being a part of a great team. Thank you Leslie and the girls and Congrats to Becca and Selena. Can't wait to work with you guys.

And lately I've been feeling the need to be "challenged" again so I joined in with some at SocalScrap......

Here's one that they're doing for Elsie Flannigan's 52 week challenge.
The one I did was to work with words wherein you incorporate your journaling as part of the design. Doodled on all my journaling blocks and continued the doodling in my title and date blocks.
"Childhood Summer Memories"

Next one was a "love" themed challenge. Took it in a different way by scrapbooking my love for collecting tags.
Journaling: .....they not only remind me of where I shop but they're also great source of inspiration. I {heart} tags!. 2008
"I'm a Taglover"

and finally a sketch based challenge. I flipped the original sketch to it's side and scrapped my boy's certain "dislike" with the color pink *wink*
"Pink are not for boys"
Journaling: .......that's what you said when I showed you the pink formal shirt we bought for you to wear at Aunt Gem's wedding. Of course, you refused to wear it! I just thought we should all show off the wedding's color motif. Finally we compromised with a tie that had small hints of pink. Oh Marcus, my "true blue boy". July 2007

Have a great day,

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


got your attention? good! but before I go on to that story let me tell you about my packed weekend first.....
So on friday morning I went to the scrapbook expo that was in town. OH heaven on earth I say! lots of fun stuff and great bargains! I especially the stuff I got at dollarscrapbooking booth. They have a website if you wanna check them out. It's www.dollarscrapbooking.net.
Check out my loot!

I went in there with a plan. Didn't have too much money to burn so I made a list of things I NEED. Got lots of stuff that don't go in any particular theme, which is great cause I can use them for any layout/project. Got lots of ribbons, flowers, brads and chipboard letters. Can't wait to play with them all.

As you read on my valentine's day post, we didn't do anything to celebrate that day. Our expedition was having problems and my dear hubby spent all day fixing it. When he got home he apologized that he didn't have time to buy me flowers. I didn't really expect it, all I wanted him to do was fix my car. :)
But then the following day he surprised me with a dozen of roses. Sweet guy. The funny thing was that he was so proud of himself that he got the flowers for a bargain. Since it's the day after the hearts day, the flowers were half off! You might think he shouldn't have told me that, but I thought the was the best part of it all. Hehehehehehe. Here's a pic of the bouquet.

That night we went on a double date with a couple friend. Went to Applebee's for dinner and watched "jumper" in the movie theater. My thoughts on the movie- has gret potential to be a really good movie but they left you with so many questions that you can really tell they want to extend the story line so they can have a sequel franchise.

Then the next morning we had breakfast at hometown buffet with my family. My brother Gary was celebrating his birthday plus Mom and Dad were flying for a vacation to the Philippines and Australia so they wanted to get together. Yummy food, ate too much (of course) and great to see Mom which we haven't seen in about a month.

Ok so now the ear wax story...............
Three weeks ago Marcus complained of ear ache. We gave him tylenol and he seemed to be fine. But then lately we noticed he was having a hard time hearing us. He would turn up the volume on the tv and when we would call his name out he wouldn't respond. We got so worried that I brought him to the doctor monday. Turns out the reason he couldn't hear- EARWAX and loads of it. I felt embarrassed, I mean I clean his ear with cotton buds but apparently that doesn't do the cleaning. The doc was nice to assure me that it has nothing to do with the way I clean. He even told me that he doesn't expect me to put anything in his ear that might cause more damage. Ok so I'm not a bad mom after all. LOL.
Anyways they cleaned out his ear with a water treatment. Took out a bunch of yucky stuff. Now he can hear clearly and have no excuse when mom tells him NO the first time. right? you would think!

Have a great day,
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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I'm soooo CocoNutty........

a CocoNutty lady that is!!! I just found out that I've been accepted in the Coconut Scrapshop Design team. I'm so excited!!! Check the site here- http://www.coconutscrapbooking.com/index.php There's tons of new stock in the store.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Hearts Day!!!

Are you guys sick with all the reds, pinks and hearts or still can't get enough of the festivities?

Well for me I'm stuck in the middle. I love decorating my house with all pinks, red and hearts plus making all sorts of yummy goodies but I'm done with all the sugary stuff!

I like making them but I'm not a happy person when my little Maddie rolls around the floor tired and wanting more candy!!! She's actually doing that as we type!

Today we went to preschool for our Valentines Party.

Kids made these cards. I don't think I will get a decent photo of Maddie for a while. She's in the phase were she's either hating to be pictured OR she will give you some type of goofy face. Hence this shot!

Here's my boy hard at work with this card. Lovin the "evolution" of Marcus from toddler/preschool kid to somebody really ready for big kids school. He's even able to write his name now. So proud of him.

and here's a pic of chocolate pretzels me and the kids made on friday. I have sharing time lesson at primary this whole month and wanted to give the kids something related to the upcoming holiday last sunday.

The kids loved it. I have to say though that I wished I've taken a pic of the basket with all the finished pretzels in their baggies before I gave them away. Shucks! They turned out cute. And for the teachers I found this digital candy wrapper while browsing through two peas, downloaded it and wrapped some hershey candy bars for the teachers. cute and VERY EASY! what could be better!

And if you're wondering what I'm doing to celebrate the whole "love" day. Well so far it's been all about candies and children's party then tonight I'm working. Fun huh! Don't worry Mitch will make it up for me tomorrow night. We're planning on eating out and maybe watching "Jumper". He's looking forward to seeing that. :)

Have a great day,

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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Super bowl sunday.......

Sunday plans were that we were to go to my brother in laws ward for his baby's blessing then off to his house to eat and watch the big game. Did all that except watch the game there. Mitch and I had to bring Maddie home early cause she wasn't feeling good. Our poor baby had been running a fever, throwing up and had a bad case of the cold. The other kids wanted to play with their cousins so Grandma and Grandpa took them home later that night.

So on with the game. We ended up watching it at the house. I'm used to munching while I'm glued to the tv but bec. I wasn't prepared for this I had to scramble in the kitchen to put together some snacks. What I came up was this.

I had leftover choco fudge so I cut up apples and used the fudge as dip then spread some cream cheese onto ritz crackers then sliced up some salami and topped that over on the cracker. Felt proud of my experiment and it turned out ok.

Finally some pictures of what our "quiet" sunday night looked like. TV on, a sick baby underneath a thick blanket with a "puke" bowl right close to her and Mommy sneaking in some pictures.

Have a great day,

update: it's wednesday today and Maddie IS getting better. Still have the runny nose but is playing like normal therefore the fighting and the bickering between her and Marcus is back again. Hay life!
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my tuesday.......

things are moving along here.......
first to post is a valentine project I made in line with the coming hearts day. Used up a leftover pic from our christmas cards. Made the heart cardstock from scratch. Loved the fact that everything here is from my itty bitty scrap stash. Fun stuff. thanks for looking.

close up look of the title and picture.

So last june I officially became a US citizen and yesterday I was able to practice my major right which is to VOTE. Feel so proud and happy that at the age of 27 I got to get my voice heard. Fun stuff!

ok so I've been busy making stuff, hopefully I can post soon.

Have a great day,
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