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Monday, October 29, 2007

Crash course to scrapbooking

I will be teaching my first ever class in a scrapbook store setting and i'm so excited. I wanted to share my great news with you all and to also promote it. If you or anybody you know is interested here's the details.

CRASH COURSE TO SCRAPBOOKING $15.00 (November 16th, Friday 6:30-8:00pm) Full of Scrap (806 N. Tustin St. Orange, CA 92867-7131)

Class description: Learn the fundamentals of this fast growing hobby while incorporating the latest trends. A sit down class of pure instruction, inspiration and you get to go home with lots of handouts.
If you’ve ever wondered how to start preserving your most treasured pictures, now is the time. Or perhaps you just want to brush up on the latest trends out there, come sign up as well.
We’re going to touch on topics like layout design, photography, color, balance, scrapbook lingo (terms), organizations and so much more. Two hours might not be enough!
We will be making a simple, basic layout for a hands on learning of basic techniques plus you get to work with some of the latest products out there so bring a horizontal 4x6 photo of what a family is to you. This can be anything from a family picture to pictures of your pets. You make that call!

you can register by calling them at (714) 628-0724 or let me know and I'll call in to reserve your spot. Here's their website if you want to check them out- www.fullofscraponline.com

Have a great day,
Grace Tolman

it's good to be back!

that's what Marcus said as soon as we got in the house after a weekend camping trip to Hole-in-the-wall this past weekend. Funny dude!
Anyways the trip was great. Mitch wanted to go on a quail hunting trip so we tagged along and made it a family adventure. Started off late (there were tons of traffic) but the weather could have not been perfect. It's cold at night but not too hot in the mojave dessert during the day. We didn't even set up our canopy cause the sun didn't shine too hard on us. :)
We went with the Woodlands, a family in our ward. They have three boys 7,5 and 3. They were the perfect age for our kids to hang out with. Amanda brought her friend Melissa too. I decided not to post their pictures cause I don't know if they would be ok with it, but they were all there with us, having fun.
Like I said, the weather was great. The sky is sooooo blue, it was a great sight to see after all the fires going around in southern california the past week. We went hiking, the kids got dirty playing around and we all loved gathering together around the campfire at night to talk and eat smores. Yummy! Here's some pics from our fun adventure.
As you can see, staying clean was not an option for my kiddos. Maddie ended up with a few scratches too cause she keeps on tripping over small rocks.

Here's an interesting perspective photo. I don't have pics of me so I asked Michael and Marcus on one of our hikes to stand close to me so I can take pics of our feets. Michael thought I was weird, I guess so. hehehehe

It truly was the great outdoors! this is our tents brand logo.

I still can't get over how wonderful the landscape of the area was. Although a dessert area it was still a sight to behold.

Little Maddie being adventurous trying to climb up through huge rock formations. She refused to have me help her.

The place is called Hole-in-the-wall cause there are tons of holes (both big and small) in the area. Cool stuff!

A quick photo taken while lounging in our campsite.

Other things to remember about our trip.....
1. We saw Mitchell's cousin, uncle and aunt. His uncle and cousin both went hunting too. We even played some card games with them on Sat. night.
2. Mitch didn't catch anything this year. There were no birds in sight but Frank got a rabbit.
3. I was sooo mad on friday night when Mitch told me that he didn't bring our air mattress. Oh the thought of sleepin on hard ground! But I survived, we all did but I'm definitely not gonna let this happen again. Hehehehe.

So there you have it. It was definitely an adventure but following my son's lead, its good to be back HOME!

Have a great day,
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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Pumpkin patch field trip

Did I tell you guys how I'm so happy with switching up pre-schools? Well if I didn't already, I'm sooooo happy! This is the kind of "school" environment that I'm use to. Very organized and fun. One of the things I'm grateful for are the monthly field trips. We get to go to fun places cheaper than regular price cause the teachers are purchasing group tickets. How awesome is that!
So after 2 hours, $20 spent in tickets and 113 pictures later here are the results of our morning at Pa's Pumpkin Patch in Long Beach. I wanted to take pictures of the kids by the pumpkins first before they get all dirty and sweaty but of course Marcus didn't want any of that. He immediately went to this ride. In the course of the ride though, it seemed like Marcus didn't like the up and down motion more than Maddie did. She just held on to the bars and enjoyed the ride. Funny!

The place was littered with pumpkins of all shapes and sizes. So fun to look at.

Maddie wasn't having much time with the rides unlike her big brother. She didn't even care to be in the bouncer, can you believe that?!

Now petting the animals was a different story. Both Marcus and Maddie enjoyed (mostly in a distance) looking at some goats, geeses, pigs, ducks, turkeys and even Llamas (sp?). This was the only one they actually touched out of all the animals.

Here's Marcus in the Carousel. I'm not sure what that look is, Mom I'm too big for this kind of ride or Mom stop taking pictures of me. Hehehehe!

Marcus really wanted to go on this slide. It's pretty high (as you can see) but he didn't have any fear climbing up there BUT as soon as he was up there, he froze! The guy manning the booth had to literally pick him up and bring him down cause he didn't want to slide down.

So finally after all our money was gone I "tried" to get some neat pics of the kids. As you can see my "try" was not successful. Nobody wanted to stay still and LOOK at the camera.

I guess this will be "my gem" for right now.

Thank you for looking and there's probably more pics coming up next week as we are going on a camping trip this weekend.

Oh by the way, just a shameless plug.....If you're within driving distance from me and is looking into getting some family photos done for your christmas cards, contact me and I might just be able to help. I won't charge anything, just the printing. :)

Have a great day,

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Monday, October 22, 2007

Fired up!

A not so happy monday here in souther california. Our dear area is being bombarded with tons of fire. Luckily where we are at (Norwalk) there's no fires around but as you can see from my pictures, it is evident that it is close by. From what I heard in the news last night, there are 10 going on and the closest to us would probably be the Irvine one. The top picture is a shot in the south direction. I turned around and took the other photo which is to the north and as you can see the sky is still blue. And to make this all worst there's still that naughty Santa Ana winds and the hot weather predicted this week won't help either.

I pray for all my friends and family that is or might be affected by this. Please be safe!

Have a great day,
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Monday, October 15, 2007

Happy Monday

it is truly a happy monday here!

Didn't go to preschool today, we are in the process of switching over to a better one so instead of school today it will be for tomorrow. I didn't have to clean that much today, although I did the usuals and laundry is still going. I did some organizing too. My pots and pans cupboard was needing some rearranging and so was my hallway closet and shoe rack. I got rid of some shoes that I don't want/need/fit in anymore and even got out the label maker and labeled all the rest of the boxes so I know what's in them. Yeah, im an organized freak! Makes me think of Monica from the "friends" show. Hehehehe.

I was able to play with my kids (did candyland, hide and seek, charades and green light, red light). Plus I brought out my camera and took some pics.

Here's a shot of our small tree in the front yard. I saw it this morning and thought that it was a perfect proof that autumn/fall has arrived, even here in sunny california.

I was even able to bake brownies with the help of the kiddos which we will eat at FHE (family home evening) tonight.

So there you have it- a nice, worry free monday for me.

Now the challenge is to be able to continue this pace for the rest of the week. That will be something!

Have a great day,

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Photos and Stories GALORE!!!

Ok braised yourself for another very lengthy but hopefully engaging post. Much has happened since my last entry.

First on the list is Maddie turning two. Her special day fell on a thursday and not much happened that day. But that night we figured we will celebrate a little (which was mainly my idea so I can get a night off from making dinner. Hehehehe, sneaky) so we went to McDonald's. Our trip was two fold; one to have the bday girl enjoy a dinner that she would like rather than going to a restuarant and just have chaos and two so we can see Amanda (who's been working there for a while now) in action. Here are some pics from that. My camera and I weren't getting along that night so a lot of stuff are blurry but here's some of the best shots.

Then on Saturday we had our BIG party. It started with a tea party with her "friends". My kids are lucky to have kids that are the same age in our ward. Not hard for me to find kids that they actually hang out with to invite. :) So the planning for this started about three weeks ago. I was a little scared to push through with this but thankfully I found some ideas online and magazine clippings that fit perfectly for what I wanted to happen. There were six girls, including Maddie, at the party. They made bonnets from paper plates, got dressed up with some fancy clothes and played with a tea set and made their own food with playdough. After washing their hands, they ate "real" food which was mini sandwiches, mini cupcakes, cream puffs, strawberries and jello. Hmmmm.

Here's the banner I made. Besides this, I also used my paper stash to make the party favor purses, invites and thank you cards.

Here are all the girls in attendance. Totally cute! :)

The birthday girl trying to figure out why she should open all these gifts. Hehehe. After a while she understood the concept and loved being surprised at what she will get next.

After the children's party, I had the rest of the family come over for some more fun. I made lasagna for dinner. Take note: lasagna from scratch!!! Our little bday girl blew out her candle and opened up more gifts. She got ton's of girly stuff. Pretty cool! She got shoes, boots, princess make up set, baby stroller and a little baby. It was so fun seeing her reaction as she opened each gift. One word to describe her was bliss. So cute!

And to think that day was pack as it is, I did get some breathing time during general conference sessions. Gotta love the internet. The fact that I can sit and watch/listen to general authorities speak about topics that pertain to me at this time is truly a blessing. Great talks and learned a lot. Also very excited about the new position of Pres. Henry Eyring and Elder Quentin Cook.

Whew I was pooped by the end of Saturday and thank goodness we had conference the following day which meant I can stay home and rest. Yippeee! Even with resting in mind, I did manage to make my thank you cards for Maddie's gifts. Here they are just ready to be written in and mailed.

And finally...... another happy news for me....... just found out in an email that I'm finally getting published in print!!!! A christmas card that I made will be featuren in the december issue of the Scrap and Stamp Arts magazine. I will probably post a pic of the mag and the page I'm in when I get a hold of the issue.
So there, if you read till here you truly are awesome and know that you are special to us so leave a comment when you can .
Have a great day,

Friday, October 5, 2007

One little word

I'm participating again this week in the one little word challenge.

The word for this week is GONE.

I got inspired by this when my little Maddie turned two yesterday. I was driving to costco to get stuff for her bday party tomorrow and started thinking that when my older one was two I was pregnant with her but right now there's no "bun in the oven". No baby waiting to add to our family hence the title for my page- "Gone are the days of" and then I started enumerating in my head the things that are not visible in our home anymore cause we don't have any babies here.
Gone are the days of.....
late night feedings; baby coos and sweet scent; shoes that can fit in my hands; frequent visits to the doctor; little babies in our home. Fall 2007

Have a great day,

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Happy days!!!

Ok so being MIA again here, sorry! Got lots of things brewing here in the Tolman home but all is well.

First thing in the agenda is a birthday announcement. Yup our little Madelyn is no longer a baby and a full pledged (and totally acting like it) toddler. She turns two today. Here's a pic of a cupcake to represent her big day. Of course she's going to get a bigger cake than this but not till Saturday for her party. I've been somewhat consumed by preparations for her first tea party. I thought about this only about three weeks ago. I wanted a nice girly party for a change since in the past 3 years it's all about my boy. I'm so excited and I hope it will be a blast for Maddie and her friends.

Second happy news is this layout being accepted in the Basic Grey gallery. I've tried to get in there for the loooonnnggeessstt time and this one got me in the door. They say that when you get in their gallery, it's a great exposure. Kinda like getting published. Woohooo!

I do have another great news but can't post the layout yet. I am a finalist for the Scrapstreet.com November layout cover contest. I'm so pshyced. Let's all stalk that website on Nov.1st to see if I win. :)

Will keep you guys posted.

Have a great day,