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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

White drawers and a Dora explosion!

So last saturday we originally have planned to go on a hike at the LA mountains but weather had a different plan. It rained pretty much all night friday and some more on saturday.
I was so bummed out bec. I was planning on using this time to take my camera and take some nature pics. But none was more upset about the cancellation than Marcus. He was so sad and could not comprehend in his little brain WHY we weren't gonna go.
Anyways, the day wasn't totally wasted cause we used up the time spent indoors to put up Maddie's new toddler bed and also a white shelf that we purchased at biglots. My brother in law lent us his crib and changing table back when Marcus was a baby and now he is expecting one of his own so we figured it was time to return the baby furnitures.

Maddie was so excited when her bed was put together. Even Marcus was envious about it. He kept on asking for a toddler bed. The excitement got more intense when I placed her new Dora the explorer sheets on her bed. Wow I can still hear the excited screams Maddie let out that afternoon. Needless to say the transition from our bed to hers was no problem at all.

Here's some pics of what we've accomplished.

Have a great day,


Saturday, September 22, 2007


Like what you see? Well I thought the blog needed some refreshing. I'm getting a hang of photoshop. Yipee! And this is all from self teaching myself and searching through free tutorials online. One more reason why I'm an internet girl through and through.
Well this past week's main event would be Mitch turning 39. He celebrated his big day on Monday (sept. 17). We had dinner at Don Jose's (the restaurant he picks every year) with his mom and dad. Then we went home and tasted my first ever german chocolate cake. I asked him before his special day what dessert he wanted me to make and he said german chocolate cake. At first I was scared. Didn't know how to make it!!! You know me I'm a cake in a box + frosting in a can kinda gal. But after talking to my mother in law, she made me feel a lot better. Did'nt even know they had german choco cake in a box plus the coconut frosting in the can. You really learn something new everyday. I thought I had to make everything from scratch! Woohoo! Crisis averted!
Here he is sharing the blowing of candles with Marcus.

And of course a birthday in the Tolman home won't be complete without a handmade card and a cutsie gift. The candy container is a recycled soda bottle which I thought was absolutely cute! So even if I don't drink soda very often, I was very happy chugging this sprite knowing I'm going to alter the bottle. Hahaha!

As for scrapbook stuff. Here's a page I did this week. Journaling read: A good snapshot stops a moment from running away- Eudora Welty"

I only did one page this week, can you imagine that?! I haven't really been inspired lately. There's some major things weighing on my mind and haven't been myself.
I am hopeful and faithful that everything will work out for us. Will keep you guys posted on this.
Have a great day,

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Droppin in.......

to say things are rolling around here. Don't have much time to update my blog. Sorry, but it's kinda good cause it's a great sign that we are living our lives. Loving that perception.
Today I will go to my sister-in-law's baby shower. I have my diaper cake all ready and went to target yesterday to get a cute outfit. Got it on sale which is the icing to the cake. I thought I was good to go then last night my sister in law which was hosting the shindig called me up and asked if I could be the photographer for the event. Ngeeek! totally not prepared for that so this morning I went online and just browsed through some stock photos of showers to see what kind of shots I can/should do. Feeling better now and we'll see how it goes. I'm happy about the opportunity to do this but at the same time, I'm still learning! I'll have to post some of my shots later on.
As for scrapbook stuff (of course I have to post some kinda of papercraft here. LOL) Here's the smallest minibook I've ever done to date, with measurements of only 1 1/2x2". It's a necklace too, so I can wear it when I teach my classes or go on crops.

Speaking of classes, I just got done with my september one last thursday. It went well with 8 students. ( I do have some more kits leftover, if anybody is interested in purchasing some). Click on this post for the pics of the projects- http://tolmanchronicles.blogspot.com/2007/08/back-to-school-fun-projects.html
Till next time.

Have a great day,

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

And were off......

to school that is. Yes, it officially started today for all my kids. Amanda's a senior now. Wow can't still believe that!

And as for Marcus and Maddie, well I've enrolled them in a mommy and me preschool program in our provided in our adult school. Whew, it was a total relief for me when the teacher said we can join the class. You see, Maddie is still to young for the age bracket of the class but I prayed that we will get in. I've been in this program before when I only had Marcus and you can totally see the improvement on him. I would've hated it if we couldn't continue on his progress. With this one, we have the flexibility since the class in only mondays and wednesdays plus both kids get the "classroom" experience that will help them. Marcus is even in the line up of kids that can graduate by the end of the year since at 5 yrs old he can go to Kindergarten. Now that will be cool!

I didn't bring my camera to school bec. I didn't know if we would be able to stay or not there but I will definitely bring it along on monday. Here's the pics of the kids all ready for their first day of school though.

BTW Maddie was all decked out in a new outfit and guess what their activity at school was..... painting and lots of it!!! Well from now on, no new and cute outfits for my kids when at school. hehehehe.

Oh and I'm in a photo daily assignment group. The leader gives us a subject to photograph each day. The second assignment was to take a photo of something that was passed on to me and my idea for the theme was this one.

Totally funny huh! well the explanation is- I don't really have any heirloom things that's been passed down to me (nothing I can really think of , I guess) but anyways, I thought of my big "behind" bec. all my life they said that my hips and deriere (sp?) is from my dad's side. So that's what I wanted to use. Of course, I cracked up all the ladies in the group and so I thought of sharing it to all you too. Laugh out loud with it. :)
Have a great day,

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Inspiration hunt

So doing some follow up on what I said on a recent blog entry as to how "I'm going to stop acting like a teacher and start thinking like a student". I went on an inspiration hunt at my local library on thursday. I always bring my kids to the library cause they LOVE books. While I was there, I decided to get my fave type of books- magazines. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE magazines. Don't get me wrong I read books too but I'm totally the visual person so I need things to see so my brain can turn. hehehehe.
I got a few that dealt with the paper craft hobby but I also got some other ones that I thought would be great place to gather new ideas. I figured I needed to think "outside the box" if I needed to be unique and noticed.

So I'm off to "study" my textbooks by the electric fan of course, it's scorching hot today here in socal.

Have a great day,