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Saturday, July 12, 2008

card workshop

Hi everyone. Happy weekend. I'm happy bec. of a few reasons...
1. Mitch is coming home tonight after a whole week of summer scout trip. Been a single parent way too long!!!
2. Got a lot of projects done this week, more is on the list but I'm progressing and I'm so ecstatic about that.
3. I'm having my "special" day on Monday and although I'm not spending the day doing stuff for myself, the fact that I'd be getting *gifts* excites me. hehehehehehe.
I even treated myself early with these shoes I scored at payless shoe store yesterday. They were 20 bucks originally and got them for $8! So fun to get cute stuff on a bargain!

Ok so onto the main topic of my blog today.
On friday night (July 18, 6:30pm) I'm teaching a card class at my church's women's function. These are the cards I'm teaching and it has a friendship theme. It will only cost $10. If you're in the neighborhood of Cerritos that night and wanna join me and a bunch of fun ladies in a "crafty" night, let me know and I'll give you more info.

some close up of the cards

If you like what you saw but is too far from me or can't make it to the class, I'm willing to make up extra kits to sell. The kit will include the directions on how to make them, envelopes to match and everything you will need to whip them up. All you have to provide is the adhesive and scissors. The "kits" will be $15 each, extra cost for shipping and handling.

Have a happy weekend,


Hannie C said...

Grace, they are so beautiful, I just can't wait to get the kit, it will take too long.. can I just copy them with my own PP? :D

Hannie C said...

Grace, how much would that cost to get here (Sabah, Malaysia) and how many cards can I make from the kit?
Thank you.