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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

January Recap

Hi there. So I was going through my photos this month and I've realized that I have not posted certain pictures. Then a thought came that maybe I should do a monthly recap this year since I'm taking a break from the 365 photo project.
So for the month of January this is what we did...
We started the month with a visit from my step daugther and her husband. I still can't believe I have a son in law now. A and J (at the time of this post, I haven't told them that I'm sharing this on the blog hence the initials) came in on New Year's Eve. We had a lovely dinner and then the following day we took them on a tour of our area. The first stop was Garden of the Gods.
We also took them to Manitou Springs then we had lunch at our favorite BBQ place...Rudy's. We were having such a great time and then on our way to our car we discovered that someone broke the back window of our SUV. We were one of two cars that were broken into. :( Definitely not the way we wanted to start the year!
Hubby's facial expression was exactly what we were all feeling. We had to drive home with a broken window in the back in the cold weather.
 The following day Mitch found a pick-a-part place where he got a replacement window and was able to put it on by himself. The incident happened during the middle of the day and the restaurant had a camera facing their parking lot but unfortunately up to this day, we have not found the perpetrators and we probably would never will.
A couple of days later we took the family to Denver. Mitch and I have always wanted to try the train and this time seemed to be the perfect time to experience it. We drove up to the outskirts of Denver and took the train all the way to downtown.
 The kids enjoyed the ride. They liked being able to sit and look outside the window to see the view. I have to say though that this train ride was pricier than I had initially thought it would be. For our group, it would've been cheaper to just drive to downtown and pay the parking fee, but at least now we know and we got to say that we've experienced it.
We also took them to Pioneers museum (no pictures there {insert sad face here}) and then the day after we took them to the Olympic Center....
look at my strong little man...
A and J didn't really get to experience a lot of the outdoor sceneries because it was very cold that week but we told them that if they came in the summer time we would be able to do a lot more hiking and outdoor activities.
 You've already read about our ice skating/walking on lake experience in this blog post.
We also worked on Marcus' science fair project this month. We were trying to recreate this.
This month Maddie decided to be more like mommy in the form of list making. I love that she's realizing how effective and valuable list making is. That's my girl!
Because it's winter time, we've been spending a lot of time indoors and one of the things that we are doing lots of is watching movies. We got this popcorn bowl set (one big bowl +4 little ones) as a Christmas present and we've been using them during our "at home" movie watching. It's been great cause there's been no issue with one person hogging the popcorn bowl.
 So that's what our January looked like. How about you?
Till next time,

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