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Saturday, January 29, 2011

This week.....

Happy Weekend everyone. This past week we had two small event to share....

First is Marcus' class performance. The entire 2nd graders performed during the school's assembly. Do you see how many kids there are? That's ALL of the 2nd graders in their elementary. I'm so happy that we belong to a school that has a smaller population.

The kids were singing songs about insects and Marcus decided to be a part of the "prey mantis" group.

We are proud of him and his participation with the group. He's a super shy kid so for him to stand there and attempt to sing is a big deal.

and then on Thursday Maddie attended her first day of Ballet/Tap/Jazz class.

My sister in law Lori recommended that I should look for a dance class for Maddie since she's staying home with me. I'm not sure if I've told this on the blog or not, but the school district here refused Maddie to continue K because her birthday was after their cut off date. Even if she was already going to K in California. We are saddened and a bit mad by their decision but we are hoping that it'll be for her own good to wait another year.

Anyways here she is with her teacher learning some tap steps.

There's only four girls in her class so it's a good size. There's enough time in the hour for the teacher to give each girl her attention and teaching.

And here's Maddie stretching a bit.

So that's how our week shaped up. We are slowly getting a routine going and it was fairly dry this week so we had a lot of fun enjoying our surroundings and the sun. Oh we've missed the sun!

Have a great weekend.

Till next time,


Allison said...

Fun pics! I just spoke to Maddie's teacher this week when I was helping out in Sam's class...she said to tell her hi! I love the new header with your cute boots! Hope you're still surviving in the snow! :)

Yahoo said...

Nice the kids are getting their little involvements. That is a good start. Learning to socialize especially in a small group is good then they go and grow and soon find adjustment not a bit of a problem. Suggestion: make a page of you wearing that red ballet dress side side with Maddie's picture.

Anonymous said...

Your kids look just like you. Little Grace... :)

--lalaine d.