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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Our Saturday's excursion

So off we went again on Saturday to explore our new "home", Colorado. And this time we went to the Denver Temple and Downtown Denver. Here are some shots of our day trip.

We went to the temple first because we wanted to gauge how far it will take us to get there. This will be helpful when we're planning to go do some sessions. So the result was it takes about 45 minutes from our house. Not bad, it's about the same travel time as when we were in Norwalk going to the LA temple.

The temple is closed right now (for cleaning I think) and so we had the parking lot and the grounds all to ourselves.

It was a lovely day as you can see with the clear blue skies in the background. There was still snow on the ground and it was cold but the sun shining on the temple that day was beautiful.

a side shot.

After the Temple we headed to Downtown Denver.

Colorado Skyscrapers of course don't compare to Downtown LA buildings but it was great to see what "metropolitan" scenery is like here.

They have a block called 16th street that they turned it into a big shopping center and nobody can drive through this street except for a public bus that is free. We did most of our sightseeing through riding the bus.

The kids' said that that was their favorite part of our trip. Marcus was so amazed that it was free, he kept saying "and it's free!" all day long.

We had lunch at a BBQ place.

That's one thing I miss about California, there's a vast array of different cuisines. I also miss my brother Gary who directs me to the great places to eat. Luckily this one place that we tried had great food so it was not a waste. Their brisket and ribs was very delicious! Oh and their hush puppies was YUMMY too!

The kids had fun with this pig statue. All they wanted to do was sit on it though.

The bus takes you from one end of the 16th street to the other. On the west side was the Union Station and on the east side was the State Capital. I thought it was pretty neat to have seen it.

There was a nice man who was gracious enough to take a photo of our family together. I think he was very nice to offer although I was a little hesitant to give my camera to him. LOL

more shots of the capital building...

when we got up to the steps of the capital building, there were some protesters. They were talking about Tunisia. It was a bit strange to have Tunisian protesters in the Colorado Capital building. I'd assume they'd either directly go to Washington or the UN. But what do I know, right?!

The 16th street had some great shops that I wanted to look into but because I was with the family, shopping was not an option. Although Mitch let me look around Forever 21 for about 15 minutes before he was ready to get out of there. :) Sadly there's no F21 in my local mall. (what a bummer!)

We also went to the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and bought a cheesecake covered apple. We had to split it with all four of us because of the whopping $8 price of just ONE apple. Expensive but oh so yummy!

After some touring and walking around, we headed home.

I took this photo because THIS IS what traffic looks like in Colorado. It's not bumper to bumper compared to LA. I'll take this kind any day and I definitely don't miss the traffic in California!

So that's it. Thanks for stopping by.

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Lori said...

Grace, sounds fun exploring a new city. Lori T.