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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Finally it's done!!!

Have you ever had the best intentions to make something cute? Something that you thought would "at least" look somewhat like the picture you are copying it from? Something that you would be proud to show off and tell the whole world that you, yes you, the "creative" you, made it!

Well that's what I thought I'd accomplish with my crochet scarf....but sadly after close to three months of laboring on it, it didn't come out as I expected it to be. It's not even EVEN! I've thought of quitting on it many times but I figured I'd started it already might as well finish the "pathetic" scarf that it was becoming.

It might sound harsh but I was really disappointed at myself on it. But don't you crochet ladies worry, my failure had nothing to do with my tool, my yarn or even my pattern. I'm the only one to be blamed. My biggest mistake- not counting! I was too lazy in the beginning and when I thought I can still get away without it, there was no turning back!

So you might be wondering how it turned out...... here's a couple of pics....

I was trying to take a picture of it myself and so that's why it's not the greatest picture, but you can see it.

I finished it last Sunday and for a moment was proud of my accomplishment but then after showing it to dear hubby and he made this comment "well you are the only one that can appreciate it because you made it" my hopes of it being "good enough" went way out the door.

lesson learned- (1) count, count, count; (2) attempt a smaller project from now on; and (3) my adventures with crocheting can be redeemed with a new, smaller project and a newly purchased yarn. *wink*

So to leave you guys on a much better note, here's a spring themed card.

"berry" sweet card

used up scraps here. I love that lime and strawberries paper a lot!

thank you for bearing with my odd post.

Till next time,

*I just noticed that my watermarks still says 2009. How did I not catch that, it's already March! Yikes!


Allison said...

I like the scarf and it looks cute and nice from here! Purple is my favorite because it's so fun and bright. He's just a boy and boys don't know what to say half of the time! :) Cute card too!

Lacintha said...

Hi Grace :)

I *love* your scarf...it looks perfect to me, but anyway, you are so gorgeous, you can pull anything off :)

Just wanted to stop by your blog for a visit...have a great week!