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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

easy peezy school treats

Happy hump day!

First off I wanna say a big thanks to Amy and Hannie for the wonderful comments you left on my blog yesterday. I feel extremely blessed to have this opportunity to meet people from all over that share the same passion that I have and your care and concern about my family and I touches my heart deeply. Thank you!!!

Anyhow....do you have kids in school and are looking for an easy, cheap and less sugared treats to send to school with them? Well I have an option that might just be the one that will make everybody at school give you a "best mom" award. Including your own child. *wink*

all you need for this project are:

microwavable popcorn packets
scraps of pattern paper (pick spring themed ones)
a stamp (Easter or Spring themed as well)
some colored pencil (in case you need to bring in some color to your stamp image)
Decorative edged scissors
scotch tape

All you do is....

1. Stamp image onto cardstock. I picked ones that are spring colors like yellow, light blue and pink. Color in the image if desired.
2. Cut it out and adhere onto another cardstock. In this case, I used white. Trim into 2 inch squares. Trim one edge with a decorative edged scissor.
3. Adhere the stamped block and handwrite (or if you are really pressed with time, type up the sentiment or your child's name onto the white cardstock before cutting them into the squares) your child's name onto the side.
4. Trim pattern papers (scraps are the best for this project) into 1" strips.
5. Wrap the pattern paper strip around the middle of the popcorn packets and adhered with the tape.
6. Tape the stamped image onto the middle of the paper strip.

I love these kinds of projects because (a) they're super easy (b) I add a "tad" of creativity with regular stuff and (c) I used up scraps!

What could be better than that?

and if you are looking for another project to use up your scraps, check out my latest article at the Crazy Daisy blog.

Have a great day and till next time,

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