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Monday, November 23, 2009

Knott's berry trip

Mitch and I are known to be cheap skates. We are proud of it (most of the time)! That's why the only time we take our kids to an amusement park is when Knott's Berry Farm does their Veteran's deal during the month of November. In the years past they allowed the military veteran or active member bring themselves plus another person for free and 6 people for $5. Then two years ago it became $10 for the 6 additional people and then this year it's $15. I'm thinking in about 2 years there won't be much of a "deal" but for right now I think we are still scoring great with that price. Imagine with our family we only spent $30 (plus $12 for parking) for a whole day of fun at the park. Still not bad, don't you think?!

Anyways we went last Wednesday. Mitch took the day off from work and we pulled Marcus out of school. I know that sounds bad but we don't like crowds and with the retail season in full swing, weekends won't work for our family. It actually turned out GREAT cause we didn't have to wait in line for any of the rides we wanted to go on. Mitch loved that he can walk straight up to the front of the line, pick the seat that he wants on the rides, go through it and go around and still hit that same ride all over again.

Here's some shots that I took of our fun day....

Here's me at the carousel. Don't worry the kids were strapped well on their horses so eventhough my attention was away from them when I took this shot, all was well. :)

Last year I got the kids cotton candy at the park and then this year Maddie remembered it so I guess that's one tradition will have to continue.

Mitch and Maddie at Calico Ghost town

Marcus and I at the same ride

One thing I did this year was take photos of what I saw just before a ride starts. Here's a couple of my "ride" perspective shots...

at the bumper cars

at the Ferris Wheel

and finally some shots of the kids.....
Maddie enjoying her solo rides at one of the rides at Camp Snoopy

Marcus and Snoopy. Maddie was scared to come up to Snoopy. She didn't understand why Snoopy was moving. Our girl thinks Snoopy should be like her snoopy stuff animal- lifeless! Funny girl!

We had fun. We were there when the park opened and just before it closed. All was tired and thank goodness for a great coupon for Arbys, I didn't have to worry about dinner too. :)

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Pamela said...

Looks like you had a great time! Fun pics!