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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

a C-R-A-Z-Y week revisited

I'm posting this because...a. I wanna laugh out the tiredness that I feel; b. when I thought last week was crazy, this week's activities makes this long list of things that I did small in comparison and c. because I have tons of pictures I wanna share....

Church in the morning. It was Ward Conference so it was a bit crazy.
Had the missionaries over and served them an early dinner.
Mitch and I met with the Bishop and he gave me a new calling.
Went to our nephew's baptism.

this day is almost always devoted to cleaning and laundry. I'm always welcomed by this sight....

and turn it into organized piles like this...

I also worked tonight.

Maddie and I were at the preschool just for a little time before heading out to the Court house to witness this....

My brother George decided to marry his girlfriend of four years (more or less) at a very small and short ceremony at the Norwalk Country recorder's office. My parents were still in Virginia visiting my sister and her family and everybody else were working so I was the representative for the whole clan. Mitch was there too, by the way.

Devoted all morning to this....

dived into my November crazy daisy kits and worked on some scrapbook projects.

In the afternoon I had a little emotional breakdown. Who knew that 1st grade could be so hard! I choose not to go into details on this.

Took Ms. Tinkerbell aka Maddie to preschool for their Halloween party. She enjoyed all the crafts and games oh and of course all the treats!

Right after school, we drove to here to pick up my parents who flew back from Virginia.

Tonight I attended a church meeting. Broke down again but this time it was good cause I was confiding to a friend. Gotta love great friends.

Continued on with my scrapbook projects.
Went to the grocery store and Walmart.
Bought and wrap a present. We were invited to a birthday party Saturday.
Worked tonight

Took in a morning shift at work. I need the hours. *wink*
Went to the birthday party
Made this when the family got home....

and then took the kids around the neighborhood to get their candy fill.....

Was your week crazier than that?!

Till next time,


Kathryn said...

Well last week wasn't so crazy.....but the week before was a bit hectic. I really need to update my blog for all of October, there's still some readers of mine that have no clue what October held for us...esp the last part. But you're week made me tired just reading about it.

JJ Sobey said...

Hi Grace! I'm working with my CrAZY Daisy kit, and I'm having a heck of the time with the GCD rub-ons... I was wondering if you had any tricks for getting them to work?