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Friday, November 20, 2009

hole in the wall pictures + a digital page

"live one day at at time" is really taking it's shape in my life right now. There's soooo many things going on that if you ask me what I'm going to be doing two weeks from now, I can't answer cause right now I'm living one week at a time. I figured that's the only way for me to keep my sanity. And to think that the Holiday season is just starting!

Anyways, last weekend we took the kids to Hole in the wall. It's a part of the Mojave desert that we always go to every year. Mitch has been going to this spot since he was little. He likes to hunt for quail birds while the kids like to explore the many hills and rock formations all over the campsite and as for me, well I'm there to get away and to eat as many junk "camp" food that I can take! LOL.

Here's a few pics of beautiful landscape there.....

I took the kids on a short hike on Saturday morning. Love that I can walk with my kids, chat with them and see all the beauty that surrounds us.

A long time ago, there were some volcanoes around here and then the lava flown and dried up to be hills and rock formations. Because the fluid has some vapors on it, it popped when it dried up hence the "holes in the wall". We love this place!

It's pretty bare around here (being that it's the desert) but we enjoy all the hiking and exploring.

a fun shot for mommy. *wink*

and to end this quick post here is a digital page I made last week. It documents my favorite thing in the world to do. Can you guess it? *wink*

I Create

Journaling reads:
I scrapbook because I want to preserve my family's memories. I want to document our life stories. I want my future families to know how we lived, who we loved, and how we made a difference in this world. I create because there are stories to be told. 2009

Have a great weekend.

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