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Friday, April 18, 2008

somebody please take my kids away.......

Even for just a day or even a few hours plllllleeeeeaaaasssseeee!!! I'm afraid that if we're not separated for just a bit that I will eventually sell them!!!

Seriously today (friday) has not been a good one for the three of us.

When I woke up this morning I was already in soooo much pain. I got a really bad stiffed neck the other night and have been surviving with Motrin but last night I felt so brave that I didn't take one before going to bed and by the time the alarm clock rang at 6 am this morning, I couldn't hardly turn. It was so excruciating! It took me 2 minutes to literally get up from bed! And when I started to drive out of the driveway to go pick up Amanda from Seminary, I couldn't turn my neck/head to the right to see if there were cars coming. Oh the pain! Thankfully now I have motrin back in my system and I can actually function.

So that was already the deal and then my kids decided to be the naughtiest they've ever been today. Seriously just couldn't comprehend all the things they did today. Wanna know how "devilish" they were?

Point 1
I've been keeping all the candies my kids get from all sorts of holidays. They only get a couple of candies from their stash everyday. Can you believe we still have Easter ones right not?! Anyways, I told Maddie that she got her candy for the morning already and she can't pick another one so she started a fit. Crying and bawling like there's no more tomorrow. Oh and it's not just your whiney, can tolerate cry, it was the screeching, "I'm going to make you nuts if you don't pay attention to me" type of howling!!!

survived that by putting my foot on the situation and everything eventually calmed down.

Point 2
Went into the garden. I needed to plant more seeds since we got gofers eating away in my garden. On a side note- anybody have any suggestions on how to kill those suckers besides poison and putting water in the holes? Anyways so I let the kids help me plant, but how much can they really do without ruining everything else? Well a lot, in the span of the hour we were out, Marcus managed to stomp on my onion baby plants; pull out my artichokes that are just barely growing, turn on and off the water (which is not needed at all) and Maddie pulled out a fruit three that was only about a foot tall. Yeah, all that work went down the drain. What's wrong with my kids? I tried to explain over and over again that plants need to stay in the soil or it won't grow and we won't have the fruits it can bring.
When I saw Maddie pull out that tree I cried. Seriously I cried! All that hard work of gardening gone in a second! What more can they do to me? right? How dare I ask!

Went inside, changed their muddy clothes and put them to bed for an early nap. This was only around 11 am. But I didn't care, they needed to be quiet and out of my sight for a little bit while I get back my composure!

They slept and woke up close to 1pm. We all were rejuvenated and happy together again. I (again) gave them the talk about the plants and had a lovely lunch of pb&j sandwiches with sliced mangoes.

I was letting them play when point 3 happened....
Went and checked up on them playing in Amanda's bed. Found Maddie holding scissors and I gasped......

Well just look at these pics to know the deal

yup that's my girl holding her wonderful curly locks that she AND her older brother have decided to take out of her hair.

(photo not uploading)
look at all those chunks!!!!

(photo not uploading)
I don't know if you can tell from this blurry photo, but there's a big part of her scalp that's showing.


anybody want two kids- an almost 5 year old boy who loves to destroy plants and a 2 year old girl who can give herself a haircut????


Alexandra said...

Oh Grace, you DO need a break, girl!!! Those are tough ages, and I think every kid in the world cuts their hair at some point!! I say, save it, take pics, scrap it, and have a night out!!


Jen Glover said...

Oh Grace Cutie..... I so have those days! That gorgeous hair! *sigh* Today I was cleaning lip gloss off of my couch, Morgan's legs, face, arms, babies.... But I know... it all adds up! Send them over to Grandma's and go get a coffee! *HUGS*

Jen Glover said...

Ok... you are not going to believe this! As I was typing that last comment... I was thinking to myself.. "Morgan sure is quiet. hmmmm" I look in her brother's bedroom and she dumped the hermit crab's food all over the floor AND got into his RED slimey stuff from the Target dollar spot. Also all over the carpet. NO WAY!!!! I need a bubble bath... well after I clean up all this! LOL

Allison said...

Oh Grace! I am sorry but happy to know that I am not the only one who wants to sell my 2 year old sometimes! And for the beautiful locks just ask my mom about her youngest! Carolyn went to the scalp in a few places too and well, we just called her Frank for a while! :) About the gophers, the only thing that we have found that works is to put chicken wire down about 12-18 inches below the dirt and then plant! It worked with our grass and so far they have left my garden alone! :)

Good luck!!!

Kristi B. said...

I'm sorry to hear about the rough day Grace. I have a mud ball of my own I'm looking to unload...sorry...lol.
For the Gopher thing though, they sell some plastic tubes that have snap traps in them. You shove them down in their hole & just wait. :o/ You should be able to find them at a well stocked Garden Supply.

mrs. doyle said...

i'll take your kids... send them to idaho...lol

you are a survivor! you'll be fine.

lov ya!