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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Coconut Scrapshop's April kit

Yes I'm still here, alive and well but up to my ears with stuff/projects to do. Sometimes I wonder why I get myself into so many things but then again, there's where the fun lies, right!?

Got my Coconut Scrapshop's April kit the other day and I was so floored by the beauty of the new Teresa Collin's line, I couldn't put away the kit. These are the projects I made with it..........

My Growing family layout

*For the flower, I did a lot of layering. This is perfect since the heart was "transparent". Don't be afraid to layer embellishments over each other. Just always consider the size, smallest ones of course goes last on top.

Love card

*Sometimes you can make a clever card sentiment just by looking at text paper. Such was the case I had with those great papers from the Teresa Collins line in the kit. I cut out the sentiment for the front of my card from her paper and then continued the theme of the sentiment by handwriting my own in the inside of the card.
* also if a paper has some really great design but you're afraid to use the whole paper, why not cut out parts of the paper. That's what I did with the beautiful fancy design used in the background of my card.

family layout

*I got the inspiration paper that our dear dt Pam shared in the kit and I followed her advice by playing up my ghost letters with paint. My regular glue stick couldn't adhere the hearts well so I ran it through my sewing machine instead which also created an extra design to my page.

Fly layout

*for this one there's two I want to point out: 1. the homemade butterfly was made by cutting some petals from the red flower in the kit. cut two parts with four petals each. Adhere the petals on paper with glue dots. Seperate the petals into four equal parts, this will make your butterfly wings. Grab a small scrap of black cardstock, cut it out for the body, adhere in the middle of your wings (this will also cover the unwanted parts) and finish off with some doodles.
2. the blocks of beige cardstock was fancied up by the beautiful doodlebug design rubons included in the kit. Place the rubons on your paper, moving them around till you find the design you want. Cut out that part of the rubon and transfer to the paper. Nobody will never know that that wasn't part of a fancy paper line. hehehehehe.

So grab this kit before it goes away. You won't be sorry. (the link is on the left bar of my blog.)

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