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Friday, April 25, 2008

all words....

ok so first off, THANK YOU to all of you who sympathized (sp?) with me about my kids. Just the fact that you didn't call the social services on me by posting that blog entry is evidence enough that I'm not crazy plus all the kind words made me feel that I'm not alone in this world for having such days. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

And for updates, yes we are fine now. Everything is back to it's normal pattern. I haven't really worked on my garden since that day except for watering them so I don't know if the kids have actually learned their lesson about the fragile state of baby plants. But things are calm, no more snipping of hair or any of that sorts so I'm very thankful.

This post is gonna be all the words/books/things that are inspiring me today. Yes I will post a couple of pics but not so much cause I really want this blog entry to be all about the written inspirations I've come across to....

stumbled upon this book at the children's section of my local library on wednesday and was totally hooked to it....

I skimmed through the pages and opened it up to the 2-3 year old chapter. Man! while reading her description of an average toddler I was in awe at how she was describing my dear Maddie to a T. I mean seriously, as if she was describing my very own kid in her book.

The main thing I learned from her book is that at the toddler age which she says starts at around 18 months to 3 yrs. old and she calls these kids "present-timers". They live in the now, they don't worry about the future. That's why when they run, they just run without the future thought of where they might bump into or if they get hurt or something.

and my AHA moment is this part of the book

"Why are the time-intensive 2s so much more difficult than other ages?..... Through daily experience, these toddlers gradually learn that "me" and "you" are different. Melody, "me", loves to splash water out of the bathtub, but Dad doesn't like that. There's a clue that "you" and me" are different. Melody isn't hungry, but Mom says it is dinnertime. Another clue, after many others throughout her day. The experiences that are so necessary to toddlers development of this new concept can be very trying for the whole family"
That's why it's always a battle with Maddie. The author did include suggestions to curb these instances of "power struggle". She said that you have to have a LOT OF PATIENCE and give her choices. For example, if she complains when you tell her it's time for bed and she makes a big fuss about it (like we do every night) she said to turn it this way..... tell her its time for bed and give her a choice between being carried to her bed or walking. This way she still gets to make a choice and you made her go to bed (which is want you wanted for her in the first place) without all the drama that comes with it!

I'm telling you, this book is such an eye opener and I'm just reading the toddler chapter. I can't wait to go to Marcus age section. I will share more when I get around to it.

Second thing to inspire me is a line I heard while watching Grey's Anatomy last night. Now I have to tell you, I'm not a Grey's fan. Not that I have anything against it, but just never got into it since I saw the racy previews for the show. But last night they went on before my fave show which is LOST so I just tuned in for a while. At the last part of the show, one of the doctors was talking to Heigl's character (see I don't even know their show names). He said....
"You are in a competition for lions. If you lose, it doesn't mean you didn't know how to roar".

Wow totally taken aback by this quote. Totally true and can be adapted to any situation. Not only in the medical field. What a great motivation for those that are trying hard to be on top. (like me)

And finally words that I've heard before over and over again but now it's finally taking impact in my life....

"Be Prepared" and "Wickedness was never Happiness"

and to end this post, here's a pic of me and hubby playing around with the camera before going to church last Sunday. Ok so it was more me playing that him.....

We are celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary next month and we've made some plans to have a weekend getaway. So excited!!! Will share more details once it's all ironed out.

Have a great day and weekend everyone.


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Jen Glover said...

Aww.... you guys are so cute! Congrats on 6 years and even more congrats on getting away! *hugs*